What are best cheap home broadband only deals in New Zealand?

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Looking for an affordable broadband deal in New Zealand? Glimp has the answer. Low maintenance, low-cost deals are only clicks away. Use our comparison tool to get best matches for your area. At a glance, best broadband providers NZ, according to overall customer satisfaction are, as follows:

  1. Skinny Broadband  - available are 40 GB and 100 GB plans using Spark's 4G network.   
  2. Slingshot - available are ADSL, VDSL, UFB, and mobile plans. 
  3. Stuff Fibre  - available are fibre packages and unlimited data. 
  4. Spark - available are DSL, VDSL, UFB plans. Special gigabit deals offered for Dunedin. 
  5. Flip  - available are 100 GB and unlimited plans.  
  6. 2Degrees - available are 80 GB and unlimited plans.  
  7. Orcon - available are UFB, ADSL, and VDSL plans.  
  8. Vodafone  - available are ADSL, VDSL, fibre, and fibre X plans. 
  9. Trustpower - available are UFB and ADSL plans. 

Choosing the best plan: use Glimp’s broadband comparison tool for optimum results.

Best cheap home broadband only deals are many, depending on your definition of “best”. Many of them come with additional extras and customizable boosts. Some long-term deals are free of charge at the beginning (usually first three months). Various ISPs offer no-term deals, too. A diverse offer, as you can see, so how do you choose the best one?

Compare affordable broadband deals at Glimp today! 

The deals displayed at Glimp are browsable by contract length, price, broadband speed, and download limit. Simply enter your postcode to get the list of available deals for your area.

Compare cheapest naked broadband deals at Glimp.

What are cheapest naked broadband deals? Depends on your area, broadband type, speed, and data limit. Check the offer available for your region at Glimp and then decide what type of broadband and data limit would suit you best. No brainer, that, but, surprisingly, not many Kiwis do that. Either it is easier picking an unlimited broadband deal or else they don’t know their monthly requirements. Whatever the case, do not make that mistake. In an alarmingly high percentage of cases, users simply pick the cheapest unlimited deal. You might not need one, so make sure to calculate your monthly data usage beforehand.

Glimp will help you do the comparison but, ultimately, the decision is up to you. Also, if you are thinking of switching broadband, keep in mind that, as long as the broadband type remains the same, there will be no interruptions. So, when a better deal becomes available in your area, it is safe to switch once your contract has expired.

As regards contracts, long-term ones may vary between 6 and 24 months, on average, with longer terms offering greater benefits and lower prices. However, early termination fees apply (no exceptions there!), so make sure to take your circumstances into account. E.g., check the “up to” clause as highest speeds are not always available in all areas. You might also wish to check if a moving fee is included in your long-term contract. To pick the optimum internet provider NZ, make sure to compare all suitable offers first. And Glimp is just the right place to do exactly that.

Cheap internet NZ: defining cheap.

Cheap internet NZ is not that difficult to find, but that, of course, depends on your definition of “cheap” and the desired broadband type. Multiple internet user households will wish to look for faster speeds and higher data limits, too, but don’t forget that magnificent thing called “bandwidth control”. Nowadays most modems/routers come with this handy option, so you might not necessarily need as high data limits as you originally thought. 

Most cheap home broadband only deals are customizable, in terms of either mobile packages or TV bundles. Not everyone needs these, but in case you do, make sure to check available add-ons. You might get pleasantly surprised at how affordable certain boosts turn out to be. Some of top-ranked ISPs nationwide include Spark, Vodafone, Slingshot, 2Degrees, Orcon, Trustpower, and Flip. 

Before picking a telecom giant, however, you might wish to consider your local internet provider NZ first. Why? Because they often offer better deals at lower prices for the area. This is, after all, the region where they get the chance to rise and shine, so why not use that for the better? 

The exact broadband provider with the best plan for you may well be just around the corner, but you missed the chance to properly consider the offer because you didn’t know where to look for it. With Glimp, this problem is solved. Use our broadband comparison tool and get to familiarize yourself with all packages available in your area. 

Within minutes, you will be able to pinpoint the best internet provider NZ offering the exact deal you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve set your mind on an offer, make sure to contact the ISP with all additional questions (notably the maximum speed your location allows). 

If undecided, try a no-term contract. I.e. Stuff Fibre delivers unlimited data at fast speeds. Flip is another ISP offering “no strings attached” deals at affordable prices. 

Summarizing cheap home broadband only deals.

Everything considered, cheap home broadband only deals are not only cheap, but may also come with various add-ons. These are fully customizable, so take a look at the offer at Glimp and see what you can choose from.

Presuming you know exactly what you are looking for, we suggest you keep in mind the following factors when deciding on the best broadband plan: 

  •   Your monthly online habits;
  •   The number of users to access the web;
  •   Desired add-ons;
  •   Desired contract term.

ADSL, VDSL, satellite, cable… the options are limitless. Also handy are ultrafast 4G deals, especially if you rely on your mobile phone rather than on your computer. Each to their own. The offer is diverse, so take your time picking the best offer out there. 

Compare affordable broadband deals at Glimp today! 


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Used Glimp to compare prices for Broadband and toke thier adivce and signed up with a new plan saving a fair bit each month... I should have first gone to my provider as the yoffered me a better price to stay with them... lesson learnt

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