Hire a campervan for your road trip across New Zealand

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Hire a campervan for your road trip across New Zealand

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New Zealand campervan hire deals

glimp is dedicated to helping Kiwis save time and money by showing them the best campervan hire deals currently on offer in NZ. With just a few clicks, we’ll narrow down the top choices amongst NZ’s best campervan for hire deals. Thousands of Kiwis have already saved using our comparison tool, and now’s the best time to save too!

Simply let us know your destination, and we’ll show you the best campervan deals in NZ.

What is campervan hire?

Campervan hire – as the name suggests – is renting a campervan to take you on a road trip anywhere in New Zealand. It’s a popular way to travel throughout the country, especially as NZ has many scenic views along the drive. There are also plenty of safe camping sites in the country, so it’s no wonder why Kiwis and foreign tourists choose this travel option.

If you’ve come from outside of NZ, you may be more familiar with terms like ‘RV’ or ‘motorhome’. Unlike a normal truck or van, a campervan can fit up to 6 people when lying down (depending on the size). Once you hire a campervan, you’re entitled to different inclusions like fuel and transmission types.

Some notable sights to see while travelling in a campervan include Milford Road, Lindis Pass, Cathedral Cove, Mount Maunganui, and the Te Reinga Falls. When stopping to camp out for the night, you usually have three options: stay at the Department of Conservation (DoC) campsite, stay in a holiday park, or camp in designated areas in the wild. It’s advisable to choose between the first two options, as they’re safer and well-protected amongst wild animals.

How does our campervan hire comparison work?

Whether you’re looking for campervan hire out of Christchurch Airport or in the middle of a rural area like Hawke's Bay, we can show you the best deals from the leading campervan hire companies in New Zealand. You can compare deals from a budget campervan hire to a more luxurious one with plenty of inclusions in just a few simple steps!

Quick and easy to use

If you’re planning to take the ultimate road trip throughout New Zealand, then a campervan is a must! It’s comfortable with tons of space for storage and sleeping, and it’s affordable too! Finding the best campervan hire deal that ticks all the right boxes isn’t hard either, especially when you use our quick and easy-to-use comparison tool!

Find your best deal, free of charge

Campervan hire deals can be quite costly with all the inclusions – so why spend a fortune just to find the right one that fits your needs? Whether you’re ready to hire a campervan, or you’re just looking at your options, you can compare all you want without it costing you a penny!

Get your tailored results

You’ll likely spend most of your time travelling inside the campervan when you’re on a road trip – so it pays to make it as comfortable as possible! Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll give you tailored results that best fit your road trip needs. Hire an affordable campervan in New Zealand by comparing your options here at glimp.

Why compare campervan hire deals with glimp?

We save you time and money

Thousands of Kiwis have already saved time, money, and effort using our comparison tool. We’ve helped them score the best campervan hire deals by simply getting some basic information from them, including destination, age, transmission type, and licence type. Get the best campervan as your travel companion in NZ today!

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glimp uses a comprehensive comparison tool that filters the best deals from the leading campervan hire companies in New Zealand. We give you only the most accurate results to ensure you get the best tour throughout the country.

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On top of our quick and easy process, our comparison tool is 100% free! Whether you’re looking for campervan hire in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland or Tauranga, you won’t have to spend a thing to compare options with us.

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