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Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer


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Did you know that approximately 70% of all vehicles sold in New Zealand have been purchased with the help of a loan? That is indeed suggestive. Firstly, it goes to show that you will be able to find the exact loan type you are after, since the offer is plentiful. Secondly,  it proves that car loans remain the best way to cope with your budget requirements in the long run. Use our car loan calculator to get a grasp of the available options, as it is certain to help you pick the best loan type to suit your particular needs. 

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It would be fair to add here that purchasing a car is neither an easy job nor a simple decision. There are so many things to pre-consider before even getting to the funding part that many people feel ill at ease. The good news is: with a proper heads-up, you can minimise the risk and spare yourself the frustration. 

Use our car loan interest calculator to learn the ropes of pinpointing the right lender. The skill is certain to come in handy in the future, too! Lowest rates, best loan conditions, lucrative extras! Get your customized offer today!

Our car loan interest calculator will help you choose the best lender and car loan type, so worry not! Getting started is always the most difficult part, we know, but the job that's never started also takes the longest to finish. Therefore, make sure to calculate your budget first. Keep to it no matter what, and  to the letter to boot, as you will want to avoid over-borrowing at all costs. If uncertain, stick to the minimal sum you are certain to be able to allocate every month. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes, and especially when dealing with funds. 


Rest assured that Glimp always takes all the variables into consideration. Our car loan calculator will help you understand how things stand, at a glance. Nobody knows it better than us how easy it is not to see the forest for the trees when dealing with costs.  


Why is Glimp's considered the best among car loan calculators? Because we keep track of all the changes and take your specific situation into consideration. One way or another, we will get you that best offer within minutes - without fail!

Car loan calculators might appear confusing at first, but if you take care to calculate your budget first, the situation will reverse. It is of crucial importance to make proper calculations before deciding on the loan or even the car, as those will keep you safe throughout the process of acquiring and paying off your new car.


We say "new" although you might decide on a used car. Indeed, many people are in doubt when it comes to differentiating between the benefits and downsides of new cars vs. used cars. Things are far simpler than they appear at first. Moreover, different lenders have different opinions on the matter, too. Thus, some will consider only brand new cars "new", while others may take into consideration cars no older than two years. Albeit you need not necessarily rack your brain trying to memorise all the lenders' definitions, this particular matter might help you decide on the proper loan type. E.g., a new car loan might be a good option as its interest rates are, generally, lower than those of a used car loan's. Make use of our car loan calculator to determine the rates, but be certain to check out the restrictions on the car age beforehand. 

To that end, allow us to inform you that the average car loan repayment period is no longer than 48 months. Depending on the loan type and also on the car you've chosen, you can easily pay your obligations way sooner. Of course, car loan interest rates are, in most cases, higher than home loan rates. That is due to the fact that the latter take longer to pay off, so just keep it simple by sticking to your budget at all times and you're all set. 

Glimp's car loan calculator and documentation checklist - get your facts straight with ease. The dreaded paperwork broken down! 

In order to support your car loan application, you will need to collect a good deal of paperwork. This is universally the most dreaded part of the process, but not necessarily complicated. The documents called for vary from case to case, but the main requirements are set in stone.  


Naturally, in order to prove that you are who you say you are, you will need your driver's license or passport and your birth certificate at the very least. Additional ID requirements might also be required. Variable documents include, but are not limited to, details of the car in question, proof of income, credit history records, and copies of bank statements. 


Having made use of Glimp's car loan calculator, you should be ready to pick the best car loan type. Of these there are many, notably variable and fixed loans as well as secured and unsecured ones. Don't forget the fine print, as it might list some considerable benefits, i.e., the no early exit penalty feature, which may save you a lot of money should you manage to repay the car sooner. Browse Glimp for in-depth information on specific loan types and financial institutions that will help you make the best decision.

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