Broadband in NZ: What is a Good Internet Speed?

Jul 24, 2020
By Staff writer

Are you currently looking to sign up to a new broadband plan? Or perhaps you’re wanting to switch to a different provider? Regardless of your reasons, it’s a given that you’re looking to find something that ticks all the right boxes. One of the main boxes that many Kiwis want to tick off the list is fast and reliable internet speeds.

When it comes to getting a fast broadband plan, many users are left wondering: what exactly is a good internet speed? To help you get a better understanding about speeds and what to look for, we’ve put together the most commonly asked questions about broadband speeds in New Zealand.

What is used to measure speeds?

Broadband bandwidth is measured by Mbps - which is an acronym for “megabits per second”. Every piece of content on the internet uses a certain amount of data, and this is measured in Mbps. Simply put, it’s the download rate of your internet connection. 

You’ll find that broadband plans usually detail what speeds they provide - and the higher the Mbps, the faster your internet will be. Plans generally range from 5Mbps to 200Mbps.

To see just how fast your current internet connection is, check out the Internet Speed Test by Chorus.

Is 20Mbps a good internet speed?

While 20Mbps is considered to be lower than average in speed, it should still provide a good surfing experience for casual users. You can browse social media, surf the web, send emails, and even stream the occasional TV show or movie (given that multiple users aren’t consuming data at the same time).

This speed is likely provided by an ADSL (copper network) connection, so there are much faster options available such as VDSL and fibre internet. 

What offers the best internet speeds?

You’ll get the fastest speeds from an ultra fast fibre broadband connection - which can produce speeds of up to 200Mbps! Fibre is the best type of broadband for heavy internet users, gamers, and for households with multiple people using the internet.

While fibre is not available in all areas of NZ, the government - as part of the Rural Broadband Initiative - is working hard to roll out more fibre-bed cabinets across the country. You can find out if you can get fibre at your address with this fibre broadband checker - just enter in your address details.

Can I get good internet speeds living rurally?

Yes - although your home may not have access to fibre broadband just yet, there are still plenty of rural broadband options that can deliver fast internet.

To find out what broadband speeds you’re likely get, use our broadband comparison tool to bring up all the latest broadband deals available in your area. Who knows - there may be a fibre-fed cabinet recently installed in your street, giving you access to the fastest internet in NZ!

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