Compare best VDSL broadband plans in New Zealand


Are you the unlucky few that can't get fibre broadband at your address? Are you sure? You can check if your home address is fibre ready by going here: Can I get fibre broadband?

Okay, so we figured out that you can't get fibre broadband but there is a next best thing in terms of broadband speed and it is VDSL broadband. 

Here at glimp, we have a good selection of VDSL broadband plans from the best internet providers in New Zealand.

We will try to cover the basic things you need to know on VDSL plans in NZ, VDSL prices in NZ and VDSL deals in NZ.

If you are comparing VDSL broadband plans with glimp chances are that the best VDSL provider in NZ for your needs is likely to be the cheapest VDSL provider in New Zealand. However, that may not always be the case.

The best VDSL in NZ is determined by how you use the internet. It is like flying with different airlines, they will all get you to your destination but the experience with some will better than with others.

The same is for the broadband, the VDSL broadband speed will be almost equivalent but the extra bundles or customer support will play the difference. 

VDSL broadband deals change all the time, just like every other broadband plan in NZ, so make sure to use glimp to compare and find a VDSL broadband plan for your needs. Click here to compare VDSL plans with glimp for free.

Can I get naked broadband for VDSL?

Let's identify what naked broadband is first. Naked broadband is a broadband without a landline or a home phone.

The benefit of having a naked broadband plan is that if you don't use a landline, then you can be saving up to $10 per month, which is nice.

Majority of broadband providers offer many different naked broadband plans. You can get in various broadband speeds where VDSL is one of them and there a number of great deals.

So to answer the question if you can get a naked broadband for VDSL, the answer is YES. The only thing you need to do is decide which naked VDSL broadband plan is for you. 



Don't know if you have a VDSL broadband connection? Don't worry, you can check your broadband speed here: Check Broadband Speed.

Know your broadband speed? Check if you can get a better broadband deal.

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