Power Comparison is coming to glimp. Compare. Switch. Save.

From the people who brought you free and simple broadband comparison into New Zealand, we are about to shake up the market again. Power comparison will soon join the ranks of glimp and we are really excited about it. Why you may ask…well, read on below.

Power and gas comparison is coming to glimp and we are really excited about it and so should you. Power comparison has been around for a long time, however we have decided to do something different with it. What we found in the market is that other power comparison websites are either too complicated and take a lot of your precious time or they are too simple and result in less than accurate estimates. We aim to solve these issues bringing you a power and gas comparison website that is simple and accurate at the same time. Alright, enough of that, lets list some of the benefits of having power and gas comparison website:

Savings. savings. savings.

We heard that if you say something three times, then it must be true…and it is true. We think this is one of the biggest benefits. You will be able to find the cheapest power company and save on your electricity and gas bill. Now, who wouldn't want that? Save up to $400 each year by using our unique service.

Easy to switch.

Answer a  few questions, so that we can show you the best electricity and gas plans. You can then select the electricity plan that suits your needs and sign up.

Easy to connect.

Get connected to your new electricity and gas provider and start saving within 10 working days.

One stop shop.

Now that we are expanding, we are becoming a one stop shop for comparison. After easily comparing power, you can easily compare broadband.

These are some of the benefits of power comparison coming to glimp and we are sure there are plenty more. Our power comparison is not out yet but will launch very soon and if you want to be notified when it does, then just go here to sign up.