The 3 Best Dehumidifiers to Buy This Year


Excess moisture inside your home can lead to immense discomfort and at the same time result in musty doors and condensation. There is excess humidity during the winter season because of the lack of ventilation and accumulation of heat inside an air-tight house. In case you encounter excess humidity in your house, it might be a good idea to buy a humidifier. 


Dehumidifiers are devices that help in removing the excess moisture and restore the optimum humidity levels inside your home. You will need to get one for your house in order to save yourself and other family members from the discomfort. It will also help you prevent damage to your wooden furniture and doors. 


However, buying a humidifier isn’t as easy as it sounds because you can’t settle for the second best when you’re actually investing a few hundred dollars of your hard-earned money. You will need to understand that only knowledge about the best dehumidifiers will help you in making an informed choice. Here is a list of 3 humidifiers that several homeowners in New Zealand are vouching for:  

AriaDry Compact Dehumidifier 30L DDS 30COMBI


Priced at $749.98, the compact dehumidifier 30LDDS 30COMBI is extremely popular for its powerful dehumidifying feature. It comes with the integrated humidistat, which allows you to get desired humidity level indoors. The temperature control is extremely effective because of the ceramic technology it uses.  


The best thing is that the 30LDDS 30COMBI is comes with an extremely ingenious laundry function feature, which helps you in drying your clothes quickly. The approximate tank capacity of 4.5 liters gives the machine extra dehumidifying power. The 330 W machine is equipped with some of the most intelligent dehumidifying features. 

Stadler Form Albert Air 20L Dehumidifier


Albert Air has come up with one of the simplest looking yet highly efficient dehumidifiers that has been specially signed by the Swiss designer Matti Walker.  This dehumidifier comes with a digital display along with electronic humidistat and control knob. The eye-catching feature of this dehumidifier is the quietness with which carries out its job. 


You’ll be able to set the desired humidity levels by using the precise control and at the same time cut down the energy consumption. The frost electronic control feature facilitates easy operation in temperatures as low as 5 degree centigrade. The total power consumption of this device is 210 watts, which not offered by the other dehumidifiers in the same price bracket.  Priced at $1,149.99, this dehumidifier is equally efficient in removing excess moisture in your house and at the same time saving energy.  

Mitsubishi MJE22VX Oasis 22L Dehumidifier


This is by far one of the best offerings from Mitsubishi as you get the experience heavy duty dehumidifying but in the most subtle manner. The Mitsubishi-MJE22VX is neither large nor bulky like their counterparts and carries out dehumidification in absolute silence. This dehumidifier has been made to suit the weather conditions in New Zealand and is provided with a 22 liter tank. It offers a silent operation even when the temperature dips to 1 degree centigrade. You have the option of choosing the direction of the air flow – rear, upward or wide. The Mitsubishi-MJE22VX comes at a price of $899.99 and can prove to be a wise investment on appliances.