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Slingshot - Broadband Provider Interview

We are interviewing Slingshot, one of the broadband providers that we have on glimp. We find out more about their values, what makes them different & their services. We hope you enjoy!

Power Company Comparison - Improved by glimp

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our latest utility comparison tool – Power Comparison. There are existing power comparison tools out there, Powerswitch run by ConsumerNZ and the privately run switchme, but we are bringing you something refreshingly different to help you trim down those pesky power bills!

Best Broadband Deals NZ - June 2016

June's edition is a little bit on the small side for new deals. There has only been one provider change their broadband plans completely and as a result their broadband deal. We will have a look at who it is and what broadband plans they offer.