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New Zealand’s 10 Most Commonly Stolen Cars

Vehicle Theft And Vehicle Related Crime Are One Of The Most Common Forms Of Reported Crime In New Zealand. Find Out the Most Commonly Stolen Cars In New Zealand And Learn About What Car Insurance Options Are Available For You.

Compare Auckland Broadband Plans and Save Money!

91% Of New Zealanders Are Active Internet Users, With 70% Of Those Surveyed Stating That They Use At Least 2 Hours Online Every Day. With Such Excessive Demand For Fast Broadband Out There, How Are New Zealand’s Broadband Providers Coping? We Take A Look At The Options Available To Consumers.

What Were The Most Visited Countries In 2017?

Travel And Tourism Is The World’s Largest Commercial Service Sector Industry. In This Blog Post, We Wanted to Check Which Countries Had The Most International Visitors For 2017. We’ll Also Show You How To Find The Best Travel Insurance Quotes For Your International Trips.

Five Common Mistakes People Are Making with KiwiSaver

There Are Many Easily Avoidable Mistakes That People Are Making With Their KiwiSaver Accounts. In This Blog Post, We Look at Five Very Common KiwiSaver Mistakes That People Are Making. Make Sure That You’re Not Guilty of These Mistakes and See Whether You Are On The Right Scheme With Our Tool!

KiwiSaver Explained! What is KiwiSaver?

The Idea Of KiwiSaver Is To Encourage More New Zealanders To Save Money. In Our First KiwiSaver Blog Post, We Want To Introduce You To KiwiSaver By Explaining The Benefits And Look At How KiwiSaver Works In Helping You Make Better Saving Decisions. Read More.

Do I Need to Buy Travel Insurance?

Do I Need To Buy Travel Insurance? For Many People, The Thought Of Travel Insurance Only Hits Our Minds After We’ve Brought Our Tickets. Travel Insurance Is An Important And Commonly Overlooked Part Of Trip Planning. Find Out About The Benefits of Having Travel Insurance And Why You Need It.

Outdoor Lighting: Pros and Cons of Solar Lights

Solar Lights Are A Cheaper Alternative To Electrical Fixtures, Especially For An Outdoor Space Like Gardens And Yards. Here We Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Using Solar Lights To Help Save Money On More Expensive Lighting. Learn More.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe these Easter Holidays

Going away with the family these holidays? We’ve listed our top 7 tips for keeping your home safe and secure while you’re away. In this blog, we discuss how home contents insurance, friendly neighbours and other easy tips and tricks can save your property from getting broken into...

Latest New Zealand Fibre Rollout Updates

What’s The Latest With The Government’s Planned Rollout Of Ultra-Fast Broadband? In This Blog Post, We Check Up On The Most Recent Updates Regarding New Zealand’s Fibre Rollout Progress And How You Can Find The Best Fibre Broadband Plans. Read More.

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Warm This Autumn

Autumn Is Here, Meaning Winter Is Just Around The Corner. With The Cooler Weather Comes Expensive Power Bills. This Blog Post Will Look At The Top 5 Ways Of Preparing For The Colder Months Earlier On To Save Money On Electricity Bills. Read More.