Black Friday NZ: Best Google Chrome Extensions To Save More Money

Nov 5, 2021
By Staff writer

Google Chrome extensions are your best bet this Black Friday! It's happening in NZ this 26 November 2021, so expect up to 70% off on your purchases from local and international brands including The Warehouse, Farmers, Adore Beauty, and more!

Chrome users, know that you can score even bigger discounts. A lot of Chrome extensions scour the best deals — be it a discount code, markdown, coupons, or vouchers. The best part is, you can use them for free!

What is a Chrome extension?

Chrome extensions are additional programs that add more features to your browser. Some of the most common uses for a Chrome extension are to:

  • Block ads that disturb your user experience
  • Add notes and to-do lists for easier note-taking
  • Optimise RAM usage so Chrome can run without lag
  • Manage your passwords across different websites
  • Keep Chrome more private and secured from hackers
  • Improve viewing on streaming websites like YouTube

There are many more features, but you got the idea. Developers are now adding more and more extensions to better your user experience whether you’re just simply browsing through social media, streaming your favourite music or shows, or shopping online!

On the other hand, it’s also important to know if the Chrome extension that you’re downloading is safe. Instead of improving user experience, some developers are using Chrome extensions to hijack your data or bombard your pages with annoying ads that you can’t disable. Before downloading anything, make sure to read reviews and assess whether these are true or not. If you happen to download a malicious Chrome extension, uninstall them immediately.

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How can you download Chrome extensions?

To download Chrome extensions, you need to go to the Chrome Web Store. This gives you access to a wide variety of apps, themes, and extensions. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for the extension that you want to download
  2. Select the extension for more information. Make sure to read the overview, privacy practices, and reviews.
  3. Once decided, select Add to Chrome. Do note that you need to have your Google account logged in when installing an extension.
  4. Click Add extension in the confirmation box pop-up. After a few seconds, your Chrome extension will download automatically.
  5. To know if the installation is complete, the button will change to Checking and to Added to Chrome when it’s finished.

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What are the best Chrome extensions for online shopping?

There are plenty of Chrome extensions available in the market to help you save big when online shopping. Some may pose as a real extension, but it is actually a scam. Be careful what you install. Always read legitimate user reviews. For the most trusted browser extensions, check out this list.


Honey is one of the most popular Chrome extensions when it comes to online shopping. Whenever you plan to check out on any e-commerce website, it will automatically search for available valid coupons and promo codes, and apply them upon purchase.


  • Simply install the Chrome extension and let it do the work for you
  • Easy-to-use extension that you can use without opening a new tab
  • Available on other browsers including Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera


  • May only work on international websites like AliExpress and Amazon
  • May only dish out usable coupons half of the time

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Amazon Assistant

When shopping for Amazon, don’t forget Amazon Assistant. It’s an extension that finds similar items on Amazon when you’re shopping for products on a different website. This is a great tool, primarily as the retail giant is known for its big discounts and markdowns.


  • Finds Deal of the Day that offers comparison on any website
  • Saves products on any website on your Amazon wish list
  • Available on other browsers including Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera


  • Works exclusively on Amazon (Australia, US, UK, etc)


Pricescout compares prices among all the items that you’re shopping for and searches for the necessary discounts for them. It uses a complicated algorithm to scan deals across different websites, so you can see exactly which one offers the lowest prices.


  • Works across different e-commerce websites
  • See potential deals before you even start shopping
  • Comprehensive scouting of current coupon codes and deals


  • Doesn’t work on other browsers like Safari or Firefox

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The Camelizer

For all savvy shoppers out there, The Camelizer is a lifesaver. It tracks the exact time when the items on your Amazon cart are at their lowest. While the retail giant already offers the lowest prices in the market, there are certain periods when they drop the price unannounced.


  • Shows the price history of over 18 million products
  • Set “price drop alerts” to notify you of markdowns
  • Adds price history charts on Chrome
  • Available on Google Chrome and Firefox


  • Tracks only your Amazon cart and wishlist
  • Some graphs may look a little distorted, but opening a new tab can do the trick


Kiwii is a Chrome extension that maximises your credit card rewards. Simply add the type of credit card that you have. No worries, it won’t ask for your credit card information. Once you checkout, it shows you how much you can save exactly by using a certain mode of payment.


  • Helps you get the most out of your credit card
  • Let you choose an appropriate credit card for your purchase
  • No credit card information is divulged or shared


  • Better to use along with other Chrome extensions
  • May only be used on Google Chrome

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While Fakespot doesn’t offer discount codes, coupons, or vouchers, it helps you analyse which reviews are truthful or fake. This way, you won’t purchase an item, which is seemingly good, because of fake reviews.


  • Limited capability to give coupons and vouchers
  • Available as an iOS and Android app as well
  • Works across different e-commerce platforms
  • Checks ratings and suggests alternatives


  • Must have a Google account before you can use it
  • Sends product updates and offers on your email


If you want an easy comparison Chrome extension, InvisibleHand does it easy for you! On their supported e-commerce platforms, they work extremely well, flashing a notification on the top of the screen that there’s a better deal elsewhere.


  • Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge
  • Shows coupons and vouchers on retailers
  • Compares airlines, hotels, rental cars, and more


  • May only work on some retailers and websites

How else can you save more?

Shopping during Black Friday is just a one-time annual event. Most of your expenses are still on your monthly utilities including broadband, power, mobile plan, and more. This is where you can save a lot more for the long term, so make sure you get the best deals in New Zealand.

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