Best Vehicle Protection for Used Cars

Date Oct 9, 2020
Blog category Car Insurance
By Tina M.

Buying used cars doesn’t come with vehicle protection – and that’s a big concern! While you can drive as safely as possible, there’s still nothing more relieving than having secured protection. Luckily, as more and more Kiwis opt for pre-owned cars,  NZ car insurers now offer practical options to cover used vehicles. 

If you’re looking for a policy that will best benefit your pre-loved car, here are a few options for you.

Extended warranty

Car dealers usually offer an extended warranty on top of the price of the vehicle. It's a written promise that the manufacturer will repair your vehicle when you need it. While you can get payment in case of damage or accident, receiving claims are possible under certain circumstances only, depending on your policy. 

You can also get a full refund of the premium when you decide to cancel your warranty within 5 working days. This is the only time that refund is practicable, otherwise, you get a small percentage of what you already paid your dealer. 

Mechanical breakdown Insurance 

Breakdown insurance is useful for automotive machinery faults. Although it’s comparable with extended warranties, most car owners may benefit more from mechanical breakdown insurance as you get a refund upon cancelling your policy. You can choose a repair shop of your choice, which costs less than at the dealership. This policy is also transferable, which is particularly useful if you decide to resell your car. 

Mechanical breakdown insurance likewise covers repairs of engine parts such as transmission, exhaust, brakes, alterations, and other parts for air conditioning, steering, and fuel system. However, take note that it doesn’t protect damages from car accidents. 

Get car insurance 

Getting car insurance is the best security measure not only for your vehicle but also for third-party accidents.  Of course, it’s a major consideration as premiums are more expensive for pre-loved cars. However, you can make every penny count by finding the right car policy for you. 

Whether you’re a skilled or a novice driver,  it’s still safe to know that you’re covered whatever happens on the road. If you want to know more about vehicle protection, head on over to Glimp and use our comparison tool to find you the best insurance deal tailored just for you! Compare and get protected today! 

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