Best Unlimited Broadband Plans In New Zealand This 2021

Date Aug 10, 2021
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Skip the capped broadband plan and go unlimited! There are plenty of great unlimited broadband data plans in NZ. These deals aren’t only available in big cities like Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Dunedin. Some local providers are even extending their coverage in remote areas such as Oamaru, Alexandra, and Wanaka as well. 

The best part is, unlimited data is available on all types of internet connections! Be it fibre, copper, satellite, or fixed wireless, you can get them with endless data credits.

Check out the best unlimited broadband data plans in New Zealand this 2021.


MyRepublic Fibre 100 and Fibre Pro

Looking for the best internet connection for streaming? Subscribe to MyRepublic broadband plans! They’re ranked as the top fibre broadband for streaming and gaming on platforms such as Netflix and Steam. Ookla — a web service that measures internet speeds — has named MyRepublic the provider with the fastest fixed network for quarters 1 and 2 of 2021.

What’s more, MyRepublic only offers unlimited data! On top of this, they offer flexible plans with customisable fibre speeds, contract terms, and modem hardware options.

Fibre 100/ Fibre 200 Gamer Fibre 100/ Fibre 200 Fibre Pro** Gamer Fibre Pro**
Price $75 per month* $80 per month* $89 per month 99 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 100/ 20Mbps 950 /500Mbps 950 /500Mbps
Contract 12-months/ No fixed term 12-months/ No fixed term 12-months/ No fixed term 12-months/ No fixed term
Modem Free rental/ BYOD Free rental/ BYOD Free rental/ BYOD Free rental/ BYOD
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95
Installation cost Free Free Free Free
Termination cost Up to $240 Up to $240 Up to $240 Up to $240

*Pay the first six months of your plan for half the price
**Get $100 account credits for new customers using exclusive promo code

Stuff Fibre Base and Boost Plans

Stuff Fibre offers unlimited data across all its broadband speeds and contracts for the ultimate internet experience. Remaining true to their name, they only offer fibre broadband plans! This means that you don’t have to put up with a slow internet plan.

As an exclusive offer here at glimp, you can get up to six months of your internet plan for free! Most of all, Stuff Fibre lets you customise your plan by adding various inclusions such as a Voice App for $10 per month, a free Safe Zone, and an upgraded router for $299.

Base Plan Boost Plan
Price $84.95 per month $94.95 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 950 /400Mbps
Contract 12-months* 12-months*
Modem Free rental/ Upgraded router for $299 Free rental/ Upgraded router for $299
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95
Installation cost Free Free
Termination cost Up to $99 Up to $99

*Get an exclusive six-month half-price offer on a 12-months contract


Slingshot Unlimited and Unlimited Gigantic

Whether you need to pay for your broadband plan weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, Slingshot lets you pay for your broadband plan any way you want. Coming from the name of the deals, they only offer unlimited data credits, a free standard installation, and a free modem rental.

The best part about Slingshot is, you have the option to bundle your mobile and power plans! Receive a 10% monthly discount off your base broadband and power plan and a $5 monthly savings on your mobile plan. New customers also receive a $50 joining credit.

Unlimited* Unlimited Gigantic*
Price $84.95 per month $99.95 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 900 /400Mbps
Contract 12-months 12-months
Modem Free rental Free rental
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95
Installation cost Free Free
Termination cost Up to $240 Up to $240

*Enjoy the first 3 months of your broadband deal for free

2degrees Unlimited and Ultimate Unlimited

If you already have a mobile plan from 2degrees, you might wanna check out their unlimited broadband choices, and get a bundled plan. They offer a $10 per month discount if you have an existing pay monthly mobile plan. This is on top of their already discounted prices of up to $16 per month across all their broadband deals.

The perks don’t end there! Your plan also comes with a free Amazon Prime Video for up to a year. This guarantees that you can maximise their high-speed internet connection up to 900Mbps, perfect for streaming 4K content with zero lag.

Unlimited Ultimate Unlimited
Price $75 per month (Was $89 per month) $90 per month (Was $106 per month)
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 900 /400Mbps
Contract 12-months/ no contract term* 12-months/ no contract term*
Modem Free rental/ $165 Free rental/ $165
Modem postage $15 $15
Installation cost $0-$165 $0-$165
Termination cost Up to $199 Up to $199

*Free standard installation, free modem rental and the free Amazon Prime Video for a year are available on a 12-months contract only.

Why get unlimited data credits on your internet deal?

It’s convenient! You don’t have to worry about budgeting an uncapped broadband plan or hoping it lasts you until the next billing. Having an unlimited broadband plan means you can stream, game, upload videos, download content, and backup files as much as you want.

Traditionally, not a lot of Kiwis purchase unlimited data credits because they’re more expensive. Allocating huge bandwidth to a household or business used to be very expensive because of largely undeveloped internet infrastructure. This has changed since then, thanks to different initiatives of the government and leading broadband providers.

In 2020, 85% of broadband subscribers pay for an unlimited broadband plan. This comes as no surprise as Kiwis increased their internet data usage by up to 37%. On average, most households spend at least 284GB per month.

What’s the best broadband deal for you?

It always depends on your needs. If you have a bigger household or a resident with heavy users, a 100Mbps broadband plan may not be enough for your needs. A 900Mbps internet deal may be more fitting for you. However, if you have a smaller household with only 3-4 members, a 100Mbps broadband connection should be more than plenty.

Compare the best unlimited broadband plan that matches your needs using our comparison tool, right here at glimp!

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