Who Are The Best Rural Broadband Providers in New Zealand?

Date Jan 27, 2021
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By Sieg C

Broadband plan options in rural New Zealand aren’t as many compared to big cities. Thanks to the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI), rural broadband has seen a lot of progress over the past few years. With the Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) Initiative also rolling out throughout the country, more and more providers offer great rural broadband deals!

So, where can you exactly get these deals? Who are the best rural broadband providers in New Zealand? Check out the best and most popular ones on this list.

Farmside Rural Broadband

What’s neat about Farmside is, they’re completely rural! They craft their broadband plans, especially for rural areas. You can trust their broadband deals to address the issues you’re experiencing by living rurally. 

They fully embrace the rural areas by basing their teams in Timaru. Whether you need ADSL, VDSL, 4G wireless, satellite, or even fibre, they provide the best deals available in your location. Most of all, they’re a proud partner of RBI and UFB! 

Take a look at some of their best offerings now! For more detailed information about their plans, visit Farmside.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Fibre $79.99-89.99/month (12-month term) Unlimited Up to 100Mbps download/ 20Mbps upload Free standard installation
ADSL $84.99-94.99/month Unlimited Up to 10Mbps download/ 1Mbps upload Free modem
4G Wireless $95.99-165.99/month 120-200GB Up to 18Mbps download/ 7Mbps upload Self-install or managed install
Satellite $99-199/month 10GB-Unlimited Up to 16Mbps download/ 2Mbps upload Optional data boosters

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Wireless Nation Rural Broadband

Wireless Nation isn’t exactly a rural broadband provider. But, what sets them apart is their consistent speeds and networks no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a big city like Auckland CBD or a remote area like the Chathams, you get the same great service!

They take advantage of the well-established 4G wireless networks throughout the country to deliver their broadband services. They have a huge community presence, thanks to their continuous improvements in rural broadband.

Here are some of the fastest and most reliable broadband plans from them. Check out their more detailed deals on Wireless Nation.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Rural 3G/4G Wireless $89.90-184.90/month 115GB-200GB Up to 30Mbps download/ 5Mbps upload Free modem lease
Rural Satellite $249/month Unlimited Up to 40Mbps download/ 5Mbps upload Business and home solutions
Rural Chatham Islands $99-159.90/month 20-100GB Up to 30Mbps download/ 5Mbps upload 3 monthly carryover data

WIZwireless Rural Broadband

Since launching in 2005, WIZwireless has been the go-to broadband provider for New Zealanders in Masterton. They’ve developed a wide range of services to reach even the most remote areas of the country.

As a proud member of the RBI, they have one of the fastest internet speeds in rural New Zealand, getting as fast as 25Mbps! Best of all, they’re 100% Kiwi-owned and operated! They understand your concerns, giving the best possible plans for you.

Check out some of their best-selling broadband plans. If you want more information about their plans, go to WIZwireless.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Fast $59-129/month 50-1,000GB Up to 25Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Free wireless router
Faster $119-$149/month 250-1,000GB Up to 25Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Free wireless router
Fastest $139-$169/month 250-1,000GB Up to 25Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Free wireless router

Primo Wireless Rural Broadband

Primo Wireless is an innovative rural broadband provider, utilising the VDSL, 3G, and 4G networks in Taranaki. As a part of the RBI, they give New Zealanders located in remote farms and schools access to fast and reliable broadband.

They’re a big part of UFB too! They have fast fibre and VDSL wired broadband plans, perfect for homes and businesses. They partner their plans with exclusive perks such as a Supergold card, Connect-a-mate, and more!

Visit Primos Wireless to get a detailed view of their broadband plans. For now, here’s a glimpse of their best deals.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Fibre/ VDSL $89-129/month Unlimited Up to 900Mbps download/ 500Mbps upload Free VoIP phone line
Rural Wireless $79-149/month 1000GB-Unlimited Up to 20Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Free router on a 24-month contract
3G/4G Wireless $99-149/month 120-200GB Up to 30Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Free router on a 24-month contract

Better, faster, smarter! Find the best Broadband plan for you, wherever you are in NZ.

Netspeed Rural Broadband

Want an internet provider that you can connect to on-the-go? Netspeed is the one for you! What’s unique about them is, their broadband deals can cater to mobile homes, caravans, campervans, and the like!

It’s a perfect broadband plan for Kiwis who live an active lifestyle, or work remotely! Aside from accessibility, they offer no-contract broadband plans too! They don’t tie you with commitment so you can change or cancel your plan anytime you want.

Take a quick look at their best broadband deals. To know how you can take advantage of them, go to Netspeed.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Fibre $69.94-109.95/month Unlimited Up to 30Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Wireless Wi-Fi router
Rural $79.95-239.95/month Unlimited (depending on time of day) Up to 30Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Static IP Addresses
Wireless $39.95-179.95/month Unlimited (depending on time of day) Up to 50Mbps download/ 200Mbps upload No fixed term contract

Ultimate Broadband

Kiwis living rurally need not to tolerate slow broadband! Ultimate Broadband aims to be your best choice when it comes to decent and usable internet services in remote New Zealand, especially in Canterbury.

They offer anywhere from fibre to fixed wireless broadband so as not miss any areas of coverage! Best of all, they include Voice, PBX, network build, cabling, Wi-Fi solutions, and more services in their plans, too!

Make sure to check out their best plans right here. For more information, feel free to visit Ultimate Broadband.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Fibre $79-119/month Unlimited Up to 400Mbps download/ 100Mbps upload Wi-Fi router
Rural wireless $69-119/month Unlimited (depending on time of day) Up to 30Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Wi-Fi router
4G Wireless $95-205/month 120-250GB Up to 30Mbps download/ 10Mbps upload Optional phone line

Uber Group Rural Broadband

Uber Group is one of the best rural broadband plans in the Northland. They have an ever-growing customer base, thanks to their continuous building of transmission sites across the region. With better infrastructure means wider coverage, reaching as far as Whangarei!

The best part is, they use smart technology to decrease signal interruptions in your connection! Worry less about heavy rains and strong winds as you can enjoy your broadband more. With their trained technicians, any issue you may have can be resolved in no time!

Here are some of their most popular plans. For more information of their plans and useful perks, check out Uber Group.

Price Data cap Speed Perks
Wireless $59-119/month 20GB-Unlimited Up to 20Mbps download/ 6Mbps upload Free Wi-Fi router

Get the best rural broadband plan for your address!

Don’t settle for less and get the best rural broadband plan wherever you are! Many smaller providers offer specialised broadband plans in rural communities. To find the best one in your location, compare the best rural broadband plans from leading providers in New Zealand.

Get customised results with just a few clicks using our comparison tool, right here at glimp!

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