10 Best Real Estate Listing Websites In New Zealand

Oct 8, 2021
By Staff writer

How can real estate listing websites in New Zealand help you find the right property, you ask? 

For one, using a reliable house-hunting website in New Zealand can help you find the best properties in the market.

They are dedicated to scouring the country for properties up for sale. Whether it be in big cities like Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch, quieter towns such as Hamilton, Whangarei, or Napier, and down to the South Islands.

They make it easy to search, filter, compare, and find the ideal property for you.

To help you get started, here's a list of the best real estate listing websites in New Zealand.

1. Trade Me

Trade Me is not just about pre-loved household items; they also list houses all throughout New Zealand. Aside from for sale and rent houses, it lists properties that look for flatmates as well as retirement villages. You can also get in touch with an agent to find the right house for you.

Like any other familiar Trade Me website, there are different filters for your specific needs. You can filter by district, suburb, price range, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property types, and more.

Recently, they’ve added a feature to view the sale history in the area where you’re purchasing the property, so you know the average prices of the houses in your desired location.

Why use Trade Me

  • Has one of the biggest listing options in NZ
  • Easy-to-use, familiar user interface on its website
  • Availability in most smartphones like iPhone and Samsung
  • Recent sale history in the area that you’re buying property from
  • Keeping you in the loop through email alerts

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2. Realestate

If you’re looking for a property with a mixed range of uses, then Realestate is the best real estate hunting website for you. It’s the official website of the Real Estate Institution of New Zealand, giving you the option for a wide range of properties throughout the country.

Aside from residential properties available for rent or sale, they also list rural properties, commercial properties for sale or lease, and businesses for sale. You can browse all locations or filter them to match your criteria. Most of all, you can set the search function to show prices under the KiwiSaver HomeStart grant cap of $550,000.

Why use Realestate

  • One of the most comprehensive property listings in NZ
  • Comprehensive filters including price method and listing status
  • Different filter selections depending on the property or house
  • Availability in most smartphones like iPhone and Samsung
  • Select amenities for your home or community like a swimming pool

3. Homes.co.nz

Homes.co.nz is a relatively new real estate listing website in New Zealand, but it’s becoming a crowd-favourite thanks to its free and honest insights on listed properties. They list over 1.8 million houses spread across all regions of New Zealand.

Once you pick the city or town where you want to move, it will show the exact location of where the houses are located. Then, you can choose to show the property listings via a map or list. Select whether you’re looking for rent, sale, or sold houses, and filter them according to the price ranges, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the property.

Why use Homes.co.nz

  • Focuses on property listings from all regions in NZ
  • Detailed house listings specified or plotted on a map
  • Reliable HomesEstimate for checking house prices
  • Shows previous house sales and the ones near your area
  • Booking an appointment with an agent is available in some cities

4. Listed.co.nz

Listed.co.nz is a free online listing website for both buyers and sellers. They specialise in private property sales, meaning there’s no middleman involved. This can lower the cost of your purchase as there's no commission or expensive marketing costs.

Prospective buyers can either view a list of properties or filter them through the area, price range, number of bedrooms, and property types. You can also sort whether you want to show the latest listings or the lowest prices.

The specific locations of the properties are plotted on a map to get a better understanding of the area.

Why use Listed.co.nz

  • No middlemen to reduce commission and other costs
  • A comprehensive website for both buyers and sellers
  • Free-to-use tools such as viewing booking and document uploads
  • Specialises in private property sales in New Zealand
  • Helping you with your purchase from start to settlement

5. Proppy.co.nz

Proppy.co.nz is a full-service real estate agency with partnerships from different agencies and companies. Compared to other house-hunting websites that charge a 4% commission rate, they only charge a 1.5% commission rate to offer more affordable properties.

Besides the usual filters like price range, location, and the number of bedrooms, you can also modify it to include pools, garages, and car spaces. Choosing the land area is also available. What’s unique about their service is, sellers can book a free appraisal for their property!

Why use Proppy.co.nz

  • Low commission rate at only 1.5% against the competition at 4%
  • Book a free appraisal before listing your property
  • Partners with different companies like REINZ and BOINZ
  • Chance to get your property listed on Trade Me and Realestate
  • Packages that include licenced agent, vendor dashboard, and more

6. Harcourts

When it comes to experience, Harcourts is one of the most trusted real estate websites in NZ. They’ve been the market leader in New Zealand real estate, helping clients since 1988. They provide a wide range of real estate services, including a home buyer’s checklist, buyer’s guide, home loans, and more.

Search for sale, for rent or sold properties, and sort them out using different filters. They include details including the tender date, auction date, and open home dates.

Some listings also include the materials used — from roofing to flooring — to give you more confidence about the build. You can choose to get an email update whenever a new listing matches your needs.

Why use Harcourts

  • Trusted real estate service with years of experience
  • Backed by award-winning agents and professionals
  • Wide range of services including auction and home loans
  • Different property selections including commercial leases
  • Offers different materials to know more about real estate

7. Century 21

If you have a hard time finding a property that fits your budget, Century 21 is a great place to look for houses. The website lists houses of different price ranges — from budget to luxury — across different regions and towns in New Zealand.

While they have different listings throughout NZ, they have the most number of listings in Auckland. If you’re looking for a property in the city, be notified using their Househunter service, which sends you notifications via email once a house that matches your criteria has been listed. They back all of this with a dedicated team of in-office and on-call real estate experts.

Why use Century 21

  • Has been in the real estate industry since 1994
  • Wide range of affordable and high-end selections
  • Househunter service that updates you via email
  • Backed by a team of real estate professionals
  • Listings in prime locations in Auckland

8. OneRoof

If you’re looking for an all-in-one place where you can find listings, read market trends, calculate your mortgage, or anything else that involves real estate, it’s all in OneRoof! One great thing about them is that they list properties from other real estate websites as well.

You can easily see listings from different real estate listing websites, which means you have a bigger selection. This gives you more chances of finding the right property for your needs. You can create an account to save properties and searches that you can easily revisit.

Their services are available on iOS and Android devices. 

Why use One Roof

  • All-in-one website for real estate news, tool, and services
  • Create a profile to save searches and properties for reference
  • Wide range of properties including commercial properties
  • Properties from other websites are listed on the website too
  • Accessible in most smartphones like iPhone and Samsung

9. Ray White

Ray White is a straightforward real estate website listing with simple and easy to use filters. Their listings include all the details you need to know — no unnecessary clicks or sign-ups needed. Their simple interface makes it easy for customers to see and use their services.

Aside from residential properties, you can also look for commercial properties, both for sale or lease. Rural properties for sale and rent are also listed on the website. Plus, you can connect with an agent that can help you sell your property. They can discuss the recent sale history in the area and conduct appropriate appraisals for your property. 

Why use Ray White

  • Simple and easy-to-use website interface 
  • Real-time updates on different property listings
  • Wide range of useful tools and services
  • Proud sponsor of Canterbury Rugby Union
  • Provide access to data and insights about your home

10. Bayleys

Bayleys is a prime real-estate agency with different listings such as residential, commercial, rural, and tourism properties. They’re completely Kiwi-owned and operated with a culturally diverse professional real estate team.

They have extremely varied listings across some of the most ideal locations such as waterfront, countryside, and city centre. Some of its useful tools include syndication and fund investments, live auctions, valuations, property appraisals, and more.

If you’re looking for some of the best properties in New Zealand, look no further than Bayleys.

Why use Bayleys

  • Wide range of properties in prime locations in NZ
  • An NZ-owned and operated company backed by experts
  • Operates its head office located in Auckland CBD
  • Different services including appraisals and valuations
  • Comprehensive filters for each property type

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