Kiwis' Most Trusted Broadband Providers in New Zealand

Jul 16, 2020
By Staff writer

Broadband providers NZ are many and the offer diverse. Even if you think your options are limited, you may still get surprised - pleasantly! The thing is, on top of the most prominent ISPs, there are many local broadband providers offering decent deals at lower prices. 

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Let us take a look at the available options first. ADSL, VDSL, and fibre packages remain among the most common choices, with ADSL being most broadly used. The reason? It is available even in remote places. Thus we come to the first and foremost factor: your location. When deciding on a provider and deal, make your location the starting point of your search. 

Choosing among broadband providers: broadband types and your surfing habits.

Naturally, fast broadband is what everyone is after, and all broadband providers make certain to live up to customers' expectations, to the best of their ability. The matter of your actual usage, on the other hand, is another matter entirely.

If IT researchers are to be believed, most New Zealanders use the Internet for video streaming, browsing social media, online shopping, and occasional online gaming. An average user spends 4 hours and 16 minutes online on a daily basis. 62% of NZ Internet users use overseas shopping websites, while 23% of them watch paid streaming services regularly. 

Despite the statistics, most Kiwis aren't familiar with their monthly data usage, which means they are unaware of the benefits and savings lying in wait. To choose the best package for you, you should define your monthly online habits first. If you use the Internet only for emails and some research, 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps speeds will suffice. For limited file sharing, you'll need ca. 6 Mbps, and 6 Mbps to 10 Mbps for video-on-demand services. Do some calculation and don't opt for an unlimited plan if your requirements are modest. Answering the question on the best internet provider NZ, thus, gets a whole new meaning. 

Albeit ADSL remains most popular at the moment, new developments are promising to change that fact fast. With the appearance of some new broadband market players, unlimited fibre deals might soon come to replace ADSL. Stuff Fibre, for example, delivers unlimited data at fast speeds and offers no-term contracts. The prices start at somewhat below $90 a month (no set up cost), your customisations included. The ISP provides a gigabit router free of charge. 

The ISP is not alone in its undertaking to make internet access easier and cheaper. Another company, Skinny Broadband, is also dead set on the goal. Their prices start at $40, with the unlimited plan priced at somewhat below $60 for the first year, and $88 a month for the second. The terms apply to a 24-month contract. 

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The future sure looks bright, but at the moment, ADSL still reigns over New Zealand. To be sure, there are many internet providers offering hot ADSL deals. What is typical for ADSL connections is that download speed is way higher than upload speed - no exceptions. Further out, there are two types of ADSL available (depending on your location that is) - ADSL and ADSL2+. ADSL delivers ca. 2 Mbps speeds and the broadband cabinet needs to be located up to 6km away from your home. ADSL2+ delivers up to 24 Mbps speeds and the cabinet needs to be located up to 2km from your home. The longer the distance, the lower the speed. 

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VDSL uses phone lines just as ADSL, but more efficiently, so that the distance the signal travels is shortened. This guarantees strong upstream and downstream signals alike, and the closer you are to the cabinet, the higher the broadband speed. Both ADSL and VDSL can still get affected by other factors, though: interference from electronics and other wireless networks in the vicinity may confuse the signal. To avoid this, use a wired Ethernet connection, not a wireless one.

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UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband), better known as fibre Internet, bypasses phone lines completely. It uses lighter fibre optic cables that transmit light signals (as opposed to electricity), which is to say the abovementioned interference is reduced to a minimum. The best thing about UFB is - your location doesn't matter in the slightest.

The abovementioned Stuff Fibre and Skinny Broadband offer UFB deals, among others. The latter offers somewhat lower prices for long-term contracts, with a gradual price increase over time. The first offers no-term contracts and a fixed price. Other ISPs come to mind, too. Compare all fibre Internet providers at Glimp today! 

Customer reviews of broadband providers NZ: prominent vs. local ISPs.

As a rule, prominent broadband providers NZ are known to wider audiences, but that doesn't mean you may not find an offer to better suit your needs elsewhere. Among the best-rated broadband providers are:

That an ISP might not be the best one just anywhere in NZ is best presented on the example of Spark. Namely, if you are from Dunedin, know that Spark offers gigabit plans for the area, at prices starting at ca. $95 a month.

As you can see, choices are many, and so are benefits and drawbacks. Some plans include one local phone number and call transfers to mobile. Others boast one free move of address within 12 months (look for early termination fees if  the benefit is not stated in the agreement). Most unlimited plans guarantee no throttling. With all these things to keep in mind, how does one choose the best deal, you might ask, and rightly so. Our answer is: easily! 

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