Best Power Providers and Plans In Christchurch 2021

Date May 24, 2021
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By Khristine Eusebio

Power prices are expected to increase in the following months. With winter being just around the corner, it wouldn't hurt to prepare for the upcoming months by checking if your current power provider and plan can give you optimal results and the right services to meet your electricity needs. The good thing is that power providers in New Zealand can get competitive, which means most of them offer amazing deals and great services to keep and attract more customers.

If you live in Christchurch, here's a list of NZ's leading power providers that you can check. Compare the best plans they currently offer.


Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy is one of the biggest listed companies in NZ, and NZ's largest electricity generator. The company takes pride in promoting clean energy for a better world. The electricity they generate comes from renewable resources, and the electricity they provide to their customers comes from the electricity grid. 

Why switch to Meridian Energy?

  • Benefits such as $200 off on your first electricity bill if you sign up to them as a new customer
  • More options to suit your needs
  • Provides clean power and supports sustainability
  • Meridian Energy app to check your power usage and forecast how much you're consuming

Fixed rate pricing

With the continuous rise of electricity rates, a fixed rate pricing is a good option, especially if you have no plans to move to a new place any time soon. The charges cover everything, and the only charges that may change from time to time are government and regulatory charges like GST and the Electricity Authority Levy.

Variable pricing

If you want a more flexible plan, variable pricing is made for you. It has no fixed-rate and fixed-term contract. In case your rates have any changes, you will be given 30 days notice.

Please note that this plan is fixed pricing for two years.

Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi is known for its award-winning service, providing affordable power rates to Kiwis and benefits such as an hour of free off-peak power daily, guaranteed savings on your first year, and more.

Why switch to Electric Kiwi?

  • 1 hour of free off-peak power every day and the option to change your hour as many times as you like
  • No contracts and break fees
  • Exclusive rewards and discounts
  • Electric Kiwi app where you can check and update your free off-peak power, view your electricity usage and previous bills, and more


A plan for people who are not ready for commitment yet, Kiwi offers affordable everyday rates.

Loyal Kiwi

If you don't have any plans of moving to a new place anytime soon, commit to a plan for at least a year and get even better rates, with no contract and break fees required!

Stay Ahead

Never miss an electric bill with the Stay Ahead 200 plan! Your account will automatically be topped up by $200 when you run out of credit, plus a $20 top-up bonus for paying in advance.

Flick Electric

Flick Electric takes pride in providing a wide range of affordable power plans and transparent services to suit their customers' needs. The power provider also gives you the option to source your power through renewable energy on their app.

Why switch to Flick Electric?

  • Rewards such as $50 account credit if you sign up to one of their power plans
  • Flick Electric app that shows customers how much they're paying for electricity real-time so they can manage their electricity usage at home and reduce power bill, sends alerts and forecast price, and more

Freestyle Plan

This plan updates your power price every 30 minutes to reflect the real-time price of the wholesale price of power. It's a great way to save money, since you get to plan your electricity usage depending on its current rate.


Flick Electric offers a FIXIE plan that gives you a fixed electricity price for six months if you hate surprises on your electricity bill. Plus there's no contract, so switching to a different plan is easier!

Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy is one of the top power providers in New Zealand today, serving more than 650,000 customers all over the country today. Aside from reliable and affordable power services, the power provider supports a more sustainable future by generating energy from various thermal and renewable sources.

Why switch to Genesis Energy?

  • Rewards such as 11% off on your monthly bills if you sign up on a 12-month fixed term, 5% fuel discount, Power Shout, and more.
  • Energy IQ app that allows you to monitor your energy use, compare your household's electricity use to other homes, plus an electricity forecast that lets you get an idea of how much energy you'll be consuming up to a week ahead

Energy Basic

Genesis Energy's Energy Basic plan offers the lowest energy rates with a minimum of 12 months fixed term, which you can pay through direct debit or credit card. This plan is best for Low Energy users.

Energy Plus

Energy Plus gives you the option to choose between a 12 month fixed-term or stay flexible with your plan. You can also get discounts of up to 3% depending on how you choose to pay and amazing rewards such as free Power Shout hours.

Ready to make a switch? Avoid expensive power bills this coming winter with the right power plan.

Try our comparison tool and compare plans from leading NZ power companies, right here at glimp!

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Christine Henare , 2021-06-25

I’ve just had a great experience with Kurt from glimp compare. He helped me through the process from the time I clicked onto the website, via the chat function. Long story short I have signed up to a new power and broadband provider with significant cost savings. There was no pressure at any stage, just respectful guidance and facilitation to initiate the new supply.

Ron Puni , 2021-05-29

Easiest service to use and knowledgeable and experienced staff. Made switching power and broadband stress free! Thanks Jamie S, they answered all my questions I had about starting a new connection for broadband and power - even better than calling Slingshot direct as I got 3 months free internet and credit for using my own modem :)

HRH Cloaks , 2021-06-19

Virtually instant contact after filling out online form. Great rep - friendly and informative, great deal made for cheaper power, overall so far so good 😁

Sheena Joy Recto , 2021-08-11

Thank you Glimp and Larry G for helping me today. Larry contacted me real quick to answer my questions and help me with my trouble about the Power provider. He also explained to me what are the difference between my current and the new provider. Thank you!

Kris B , 2021-09-09

very confusing. I signed up, completed my details and it was sent to Stuff. I then get notified to sign up on Stuff, so I do that and get an order notification. I then get an email an hour later from Glimp asking me to complete my order by following the link, and to hurry so as not to miss out. I am then taken to a Stuff page again to complete an order that is not the order I signed up for, i.e. 4 months half price not the 6 months half price I agreed to. So I have no idea now what the status is and what deal stuff think I am on.