The Best Power Deals In NZ For Long-Term Savings

Nov 16, 2021
By Staff writer

Compare and find the best power deals for you. If you think you're paying more than you should for your monthly power bill, it might be time to switch to another Power plan or provider.

We made it easier for you in this list of the latest deals from NZ's leading electric companies. Compare deals, have a look, and see if anything works for you.

Meridian Energy

$200 credit

Switch to a Meridian power plan and get a $200 credit on your account (including GST).

Please note that the credit is only applicable to new Meridian customers.

You are eligible to get this offer if:

  • You are a residential consumer
  • You meet Meridian's standard customer eligibility criteria.


Genesis Energy

Energy Basic

This plan offers the cheapest energy rates with a minimum of 12 months fixed term. 

Energy Plus

This plan lets you have the option to pick between a 12-month fixed-term plan, or stay flexible. You can also get up to 6% discounts and rewards like free Power Shout hours.

See more of Genesis Energy's Power plans.

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$150 Free Power and Guaranteed Savings

Switch to Powershop and receive $150 free power, spread over your first 12 months. Aside from that, you'll also get Guaranteed Savings. This guarantees an account credit if you don't get any savings with Powershop!

You can also get an extra 5% discount when you sign up for both power and gas.

Note that the $150 sign up credit is spread over your first 12 months in Powershop.

Other charges:

Termination fee: $0

Powershop Classic

This is an ideal option for those who want to save more on their power bill, as it allows customers to get extra savings every time they buy from Powershop's regular specials. It also has seasonal pricing, which means power rates reduce during spring and increase over autumn and winter. 

Powershop Lite

If you want something direct and simple, get the Powershop Lite. You won't have access to the shop and Powershop's specials, but you can still save money since it has a flat energy pricing. This means the price remains the same, and you pay the same power rates throughout the year.

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Nova Energy

TV Bundle

Bundle your Nova Energy broadband and electricity and get a 43-inch TV!

How much: $89/month

Term: 24 months

What's included:

  • 43-inch TV 
  • Unlimited ADSL/VDSL or Fibre of up to 100Mbps


Upgrade to a 50-inch TV for $299 or a 65-inch TV for $799


  • A $15 delivery fee applies for the Nova modem/router.
  • The TV will be sent to you after paying your first invoice on the Plan.

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Multisaver Broadband

Save more money when you get electricity from Nova Energy at the same property.

How much: $69/month

Term: No fixed term

What's included:

  • Unlimited ADSL/VDSL or Fibre of up to 100Mbps


Get a Fibre Boost for an extra $20/month 


  • A $15 delivery fee applies for the Nova modem/router.

Multisaver Natural Gas

Sign up for both electricity and natural gas at the same property and get special natural gas pricing.

Term: No fixed term

What's included:

  • Special natural gas pricing
  • No fixed term or early termination fees

For all bundle plans:

Note that these bundle plans are offered to new residential broadband and energy customers at the same property.

Electric Kiwi

Guaranteed Savings

Just simply share your recent power bill from your previous power provider after you join Electric Kiwi. They will track your savings and if you haven't saved after 12 months, you'll get a credit!

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Flick Electric

Freestyle Plan

This Flick Electric plan reflects the real-time price of the wholesale power price by updating your power price every 30 minutes, which can help you avoid expensive bills in the future.


As the name suggests, if you don't like surprises on your bill, this plan gives customers a fixed power price for 6 months.

Contact Energy

Basic Plan

Reward: simple energy rates

Term: No fixed term, no break fees

Everyday Bonus Fixed

Reward: $150 discount on your first bill; 2% discount on your energy charges

Term: Fixed

Fixed energy rates until August 2023


Good Nights Plan

Save more on electricity with three hours of free power every night, from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM plus fixed energy rates under the Contact Energy Good Nights plan

Term: fixed term

What's included:

Free power from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Fixed term and fixed energy rates until November 2022


add Broadband from only $69.99/month


This plan is for customers with an eligible smart meter and is only available online.

Broadband Bundle

Get Broadband from $59.99/month when you bundle Broadband, Power, and Gas

Get Broadband from $64.99/month when you bundle Broadband and Power

Term: No fixed term


  • Unlimited  data
  • Modem
  • One handy bill

Please note that these are online-only deals.

Simplicity Bundle

Enjoy power rates with no daily gas charges when you bundle your natural gas and electricity. If you're a moderate gas user, this bundle is a good option.

Term: No fixed term


  • No daily gas charges
  • One handy bill

Please note that this bundle is available for natural gas customers on the North Island.


Apply the code 100THANKS when you sign up your home to electricity online and get an extra $100 discount (incl. GST) when you join Contact.

This offer is a limited time offer for new customers and is not applicable to the Good Nights plan, Basic plan or other limited-time offers.

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Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy Bundle Up Broadband Plan

Save up to $15 per month on your bill when you combine your electricity and broadband plans.

The following rates apply to Pulse Energy's Unlimited Broadband Plans when you bundle up your Electricity and Broadband with them.

Standard Fibre (30/10)

Price: $69/month + GST instead of $89/month + GST

Fast Fibre (100/20)

Price: $75/month + GST instead of $90/month + GST

Faster Fibre (200/20)

Price: $89/month + GST instead of $104/month + GST

Max Fibre (max/500)

Price: $105/month + GST instead of $120/month + GST

Regular (ADSL/VDSL)

Price: $69/month + GST instead of $84/month + GST

What's included:

  • Unlimited broadband
  • Modem


  • Unlimited phone packages

Electricity and Gas Bundle

Get an All Energy Discount of up to $0.40 a day when you combine your electricity and gas. That's a total of $146 annually!


Plan Builder

Build your own bundle with a Plan Builder. Trustpower let its customers build their own plans and combine their services, so they can get discounts like fuel and mobile bundle discounts.

Save from $414 on broadband

Sign up for ADSL, VDSL, Wireless Broadband, or 100/20 fibre and power on a 24-month bundle plan and enjoy discounts!

Save from $714 on broadband

Sign up for FibreMax and power on a 24-month bundle plan and get discounts!


Get a $50 account credit if you sign up online

Mercury Energy

Everyday Rates

Usage plan: Standard

Plan term: Open

Break fee: None

Reward: Up to 12% prompt payment discount

$75 Credit

Usage plan: Standard

Plan term: 1 year

Break fee: $150

Reward: $75 credit when you join, up to 12% prompt payment discount

$200 Credit

Usage plan: Standard

Plan term: 2 years

Break fee: $150

Reward: $200 credit, up to 12% prompt payment discount

See more Mercury Energy plans here on glimp!

Slingshot Power

Unlimited broadband and power bundle

Bundle a 12-month unlimited broadband plan with power and get a free Samsung tablet. Save 10% off your base broadband and 10% off power plans.

See more Slingshot Power plans here!

Orcon Power

10% Discount

Join Orcon and bundle up your home/business electricity with Orcon broadband and get a 10% discount on both.

Whether you're planning on sticking to your current provider or not, it's a good habit to compare prices to make sure you're getting your money's worth!

Start comparing Power plans today and discover more amazing deals from leading NZ providers. It's easy and FREE!

Shane Egan (Popup) , 2023-07-10

Excellent service. Responsive and easy to deal with. Got me an awesome deal on Broadband. Well worth calling to see what they can do. 👍

Jamie Martin , 2023-06-18

Really great service, helped us save about 30% on power plus a free $100 sign up bonus. Very fast and efficient.

Kat W , 2023-06-20

Very helpful and informative. Lovely chatting with them on the phone, helped me find a power supplier, pretty simple and straight forward

Dee Painter , 2023-08-08

So easy to use, very helpful and got a great deal with my power and gas