The Best Power Companies In New Zealand For 2021

Mar 11, 2021
By Staff writer

Power companies in NZ are competing towards sustainability and a better service. So if you feel like you’re not charged fairly for the power that you get at home, this is your time to switch to a better — but not necessarily bigger — power provider! 

Based on the survey conducted by the Electricity Authority from 1 December 2019 to 31 December 2020, most power provider switches come from big-time to small-time providers! This shift in consumers' choice means local providers offer the same competitive services and rates as the larger companies. 

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What makes these small power companies great?

What do these small-time local power companies have that can beat bigger companies? It’s their innovative plans without the expensive fees!

Kiwis get just as good — and sometimes, even better — services even by paying half or even a quarter of the price when they get a deal from a smaller provider. What’s more, these providers also offer big discounts and perks! This gives customers the freedom to personalise their deals according to their needs and situation.

Best of all, they place a big focus on their presence in the communities. They’re committed to improving the quality and experience of power in remote locations, boosting the confidence of rural Kiwis in their deals.


What are power plan extras you should look out for?

Although they offer great deals, you should still take advantage of some perks to ensure your plan is customised to your needs. The extras you need varies per person, but these are generally what you should look out for in your plan. Similarly, not all providers may offer these benefits, so it’s recommended to consult them as well.

A free hour of power per day

A free hour of power is a straightforward perk — every day, you get sixty minutes of free power during an off-peak time. Whatever you consume for that hour won’t be charged in your billing statement. This is a great time to maximise the use of energy-demanding appliances like a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher.

Internet and mobile tools

It’s a lot easier to check your power consumption, your past billing statements, and new discount codes you can score through an internet or mobile tool. Some providers even let you pay online with just a few simple clicks. Fortunately, even small-time providers now have these tools to manage your plans better.

Free sign up credits

A lot of providers are now offering free credits for simply signing up in their power plan! These may come as free credits for an introductory period or a discount code for the lifetime of your plan. Aside from credits, it’s best to look out for a provider with the ease of signing up.

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Excellent customer service

It’s not entirely an extra, but make sure to switch to a power provider with excellent customer service! This gives you the confidence that your provider can answer your enquiries and resolve any issues with your connection. Most of all, this saves you from the hassle of switching to another provider, just because of a bad service from your current one.

Who are the best power providers in New Zealand for 2021?

As big-time providers have more resources and a bigger budget, they’re still leading the market. However, it may not be for too long!

The survey has shown that small providers are gaining customers, while big providers are gaining more. As long as these companies keep on improving their prices and services, they may be able to narrow the gap — and eventually, overtake their bigger competitors.

For now, here are the top ten power providers in New Zealand for 2021.

Note: This is in no particular order, and their services may vary depending on your location.

1. Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy has over 490,000 ICPs across New Zealand. Although they’ve seen a decrease of almost 9,500 ICPs over the past year, they’re still one of the leading power providers in the country.

  • Rewards: Sign-up credits of up to $450 and more
  • Offerings: Electricity, natural gas, LPG
  • Tools: Energy IQ App (Available on iOS and Android)

2. Contact Energy

Contact Energy ensures safe, efficient, and clean energy through its diverse range of portfolio. Their ICP accounts for almost 364,440, with an increase of 3,735 last year. Although they’re mainly a power provider, they also offer other utilities like broadband.

  • Rewards: Free $200 on your first billing
  • Energy offering: Electricity, natural gas, LPG, broadband
  • Tools: My Contact Energy (Available on iOS and Android)

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3. Mercury Energy

Mercury Energy owns and operates 14 power plants throughout the country, all of which generate energy from renewable sources. They have more than 337,640 ICPs despite having a decrease of 20,670 last year.

  • Rewards: Free power days and Airpoints
  • Offerings: Wind, solar, geothermal
  • Tools: Mercury Go (Available on iOS and Android)

4. Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy has a big focus on improving businesses, farms, and residential areas in New Zealand. They generate 100% of their energy from clean sources. This has gained them over 17,600 new ICPs, on top of their over 305,570 current ones.

  • Rewards: Automatic $200 off on your first bill
  • Offerings: Wind, water, sun, and other clean sources
  • Tools: Meridian Energy (Available on iOS and Android)

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5. Trustpower

Trustpower is the fifth-largest energy generation and fourth-largest electricity retailer, as listed on the NZX. They have over 34 power stations dotted across the country, which services their over 265,500 ICPs. 

  • Rewards: 15% prompt payment discount
  • Offerings: Mix of renewable and non-renewable energy
  • Tools: Trustpower (Available on iOS and Android)

6. Nova Energy

Nova Energy is an award-winning Kiwi-owned and operated power provider. Currently, they have 116,390 ICPs, even seeing an increase of almost 15,320 last year. They’re an honest provider with services in major centres across the country.

  • Rewards: Free $150 on your first bill for Home Advantage Plan
  • Offerings: Electricity, bottled gas, natural gas, landline, broadband
  • Tools: Nova Energy (Available on iOS and Android)

7. Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy has a big focus on improving your power experience in the community. They’ve seen an increase of 7,240 ICPs, on top of their 83,225 active ones. They’re an independent company, meaning they can set their prices to be the most competitive.

  • Rewards: Free termination fee given the 30-day notice
  • Offerings: Electricity, gas, solar, broadband, landline
  • Tools: Pulse Energy website

8. Electric Kiwi 

Electric Kiwi had a big year in 2020! They have the largest gain of ICPs, with over 21,050! This has enabled them to rise in the list, as they now have 73,495 ICPs. This is a big feat, considering they’ve only been around since 2014.

  • Rewards: Free hour of power and top-up bonuses
  • Offerings: Hydro, wind, and other renewable energy
  • Tools: Electric Kiwi (Available on iOS and Android)

9. Flick Electric

Flick Electric is a relatively new provider, but they’re quickly beginning to be one of the most preferred power companies of Kiwis. They have just over 25,280 ICPs, with an increase of 4,450. This is big thanks to their simple power plans and straightforward pricing.

  • Rewards: Free $50 sign-up account credit to both plans
  • Offerings: Mix of renewable and non-renewable energy
  • Tools: Flick Electric Co. (Available on iOS and Android)

10. Ecotricity

Ecotricity — coming from the name itself — prides itself to provide 100% eco-friendly and sustainable energy. They maximise all renewable energy sources of energy to provide their over 8,490 ICPs across the country.

  • Rewards: CarboNZero Certified power
  • Offerings: Solar, hydro, wind, perfect for EVs
  • Tools: Ecotricity (Available on iOS and Android)

What’s the best power company for your needs?

It always varies. What works for you may not work for other people. To make sure your power plan is the best one for you, check your daily power needs and work from there. Once you’ve set this, you can start searching for the best deals from these leading power providers.

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