Best Personal Finance Vlogs In NZ: YouTube and TikTok

Oct 20, 2021
By Staff writer

Find the best personal finance vlogs in NZ, and get started with your financial education for FREE. Let these Youtube channels and TikTok accounts inspire you to build a bigger and better future.

What is FinTok?

Finance Tiktok or #FinTok is one of the app's subdomains along with #StockTock. FinTok is all about financial counselling, management, and other matters relating to money, savings, and income. It's so popular that it has accumulated over 450 million views since the app started.

Several financial 'gurus' and enthusiasts have branched out within the app, teaching followers how to handle their finances in the most engaging way. 

Because of its popularity, FinTok has been viewed as a financial planner, advisor, and mentor for Gen Zs, particularly when it comes to budgeting and investing.

Note: The list of FinTok and Youtube channels provide basic information and budgeting advice. Better Saver NZ is the only one on the list that is made by licensed financial advisors.

Caveat: Last June, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has released a guide to talking about money online. Whether you're a finance content creator or an avid follower of these platforms, make sure you're aware of the line between 'advice' and 'suggestions.' These financial posts are merely guides, and should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Some of these influencers may be pushing a financial product or idea that won't work well with you. When investing your hard-earned money, make informed decisions by always doing your own research. For best results, get a professional financial planner.

Best personal finance TikTok accounts based in NZ

Jack Hammond 

Jack is one of the most well-known Kiwi influencers, providing practical advice to young earners on how to save for a car, get free credit card money, and other "money hacks" to make life easier for students, part-timers, and those on a low income.

See more of his content by browsing through the Discover page for finance Tiktok in NZ

Ryan J Melton

Ryan is all over the web with a book and podcast centred on financial literacy for students and investors alike. He's a financial planner by profession who shares his expertise through social media as well.

He has over 10,000 Tiktok followers and is one of the most trusted financial influencers in New Zealand.

Better Saver NZ

Better Saver NZ focuses on offering KiwiSaver advice to new and existing members, and anyone looking to retire. It's a one-stop shop for expert recommendations and lectures on the most efficient and best KiwiSaver scheme for one's lifestyle.

To make their posts even more engaging, they created a Tiktok profile where their certified financial advisors can answer questions about KiwiSaver funds.

The One Up Project

The One Up Project hosted by Sarah Kelsey is now on Tiktok. She's giving away advice on saving up and developing the confidence to power through debts, repayments, and other financial obligations. She also shares some tips on mental health and personal experiences as a millennial investor.

Frances Cook 

Apart from her money podcast, Frances Cook offers sound financial advice on TikTok and is regarded as one of New Zealand's most trustworthy "finfluencers." She delves into a series of adulting tips, from career counselling to providing friendly and practical advice on saving for your home deposit.

Check out more money advice, including how to save for a home, invest in crypto, and more.


Denis Tyurkov

Denis is glimp's co-founder. He also happens to be an investor who explores the hows and whys of investing, as well as the most efficient ways to grow one's finances in New Zealand. He's also a traveller who creates witty content about his whereabouts, whether it's in NZ, Australia, or around the world. 

Denis is quite aware of the misleading information that some 'finfluencers' get into. “The biggest problem I see is a lot of people saying, ‘look at my 1000 per cent return’, but not showing the figures behind it. That 1000 per cent could only be a $10 investment. But there are a lot of new investors out there getting some skin into the game who could be easily influenced by those numbers.”

Check out more of Denis here:

Your Financial Engineer

Your Financial Engineer's William Tieu is a mortgage adviser who can guide you in meeting your repayment obligations while also saving for your future.

So whether you're budgeting, borrowing or buying for your first home, Your Financial Engineer has got you covered. 

Kiwi Crypto 

When it comes to stock investment, crypto, or using that money to buy a house, KiwiCrypto is the place to be.

KiwiCrypto is only 23, but he has been investing in cryptocurrency for several years. He encourages more young Kiwis to do the same, especially now that more Kiwis are making good money thanks to crypto.

Best finance Youtube channels based in NZ 


Sharesies is helpful in giving quick financial advice and updates on areas that are usually hard to understand, particularly for people who are just getting started with personal finance.

One of their most-viewed videos Investing 101 Workshop is hosted by co-founder Brooke Roberts and head of investing Gus Watsons. It covered topics including managed funds, how to invest via Sharesies and ETFs, key investment ideas, compound interest or returns, and dollar-cost averaging.

They also invited finance commentator Mary Holm who discussed ways to create a personal investment portfolio for new and existing investors especially in NZ.

Crypto Kiwi

Crypto Kiwi, as the name implies, is centred on cryptocurrency and modern methods of increasing one's income, such as investing in bitcoin, purchasing shares, KiwiSaver, and more.

If you want to start your crypto journey with Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Crypto Kiwi presents a guide on how to use Binance effectively.

Here's a video that will show you how to sell your coins on Binance to Easy Crypto so that you can have NZ dollars in your personal bank account.

Read: Guide To Cryptocurrency In NZ: Invest, Buy and Trade

Financial Knowledge

While it is not as well-known as other financial platforms, Financial Knowledge provides reliable videos and tutorials for newbies and young investors, such as a video on how to read a stock chart, investment woes of an amateur investor, and several beginner's guides on using financial apps and platforms available today.

Aside from posting videos about investment concepts, NZ platforms, and cryptocurrencies, Financial Knowledge also introduces the simplest approach to sell NFT art in the right marketplace.

Read: What Is NFT? Your Guide To Non-Fungible Tokens In NZ

Investing With Tom 

Investing With Tom discusses personal investment advice and updates aimed at people in their twenties who are eager to learn, and are willing to step outside their comfort zone to build a better future.

He employs the principles of investment icons such as Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Mohnish Pabrai, and Charlie Munger.


Henk Hustle Investing 

Henk Hustle releases new videos on a weekly basis. Henk talks about cryptocurrency trends, how-to’s in finance, and NZ platform reviews as recommendations for those looking to use new apps and financial tools for personal investments.

One of the most informative videos on his channel is on how to invest your $1000 for beginners, encouraging those with limited resources in getting started with their investments.

Joshua Wang 

Joshua Wang is a Chartered Accountant with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He mostly covers personal finance and stock market investing content on YouTube. He summarises stock market trends and guides people who are just starting out in stock trading, and/or want to invest in shares on the side. 

Here’s one of his several guides that provide comprehensive information on Dividend Investing in NZ.

Watching financial literacy content can help you get some ideas and set your expectations on investing.

Know that it can be risky to take advice from individuals who have different circumstances than you, because there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to savings and investment.

Start by doing your own research, and asking around. Write down your goals to get a clearer picture of the life you want to live.

However, it's always best to get a licenced financial adviser to maximise your income and help you build a more secure future.

Here are some guide questions you can ask while deciding on a financial adviser.

  • Did the adviser mention their experience and qualifications to you?
  • Did the adviser explain the type of license they hold? Are they working under the licence of a Financial Advice Provider?
  • Did they explain their specialisation and scope of service?
  • Did they tell you how they are paid? 
  • Did the adviser explain where and how your money will be held when it comes to making an investment?
  • Did they outline how you can inquire about a problem or indicate which Disputes Resolution Service they are a part of?

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