Best Online Grocery Stores In NZ

Aug 18, 2021
By Staff writer

With the NZ lockdown announcement and subsequent panic buying, it's best to know your online grocery store options so you can stay safe at home.

Since the pandemic started, many Kiwis have turned to online shopping, including buying their essential needs. If you haven’t yet, you might want to consider doing your grocery shopping online. It's also convenient in that this can help you avoid hoarders, and you get to practice The Art of Buying Only What You Need. There's just a lot less chance of impulse buying (or hoarding!) when you're buying groceries online.

To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the best online stores to get your groceries in NZ!

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1. Countdown

With 180 supermarkets all over New Zealand, Countdown is one of the country's leading supermarkets. They're available online to deliver groceries right at your doorstep. You can download their app which offers great features, and subscribe to their Delivery Saver, which gives you unlimited deliveries for only $23 monthly. You also have the option to start with a 30-day free trial!

Why choose Countdown:

  • Single-use plastic carrier bag free to reduce the use of plastic bags
  • Fresh or free policy to make sure you're getting quality products from them
  • Bonus fuel discounts
  • myCountdown app with features such as being able to view unique offers and the shop's latest specials, a smart shopping list, product locator, and more to make your shopping experience easier
  • Save more money and earn rewards with Onecard
  • Delivery Saver subscription

Promos and discounts:

  • Online only specials
  • Weekly deals on thousands of products
  • Weekly mailer where you can get discounts on specific items
  • Free fruits for kids

Why customers love Countdown:


2. TheMarket

If you want a wide range of options for groceries and personal goods, TheMarket is another good option. You can also join TheMarket Club to get amazing benefits. Enjoy free shipping when you spend at least $45, exclusive offers and discounts, priority customer service, and more. You can even get a free 60-day trial to enjoy the Club benefits.

Why choose TheMarket:

  • Option to subscribe to TheMarket Club for only $5.99/month or $59.00/year
  • Free returns
  • Option to sign up and shop with Zip which allows you to pay in four, interest-free installments over six weeks
  • You can get a $20 coupon when you share your unique URL with your friends and they register, too.

Promos and discounts:

  • Claim the Dad coupon on their website and get 5% OFF if you spend at least $50. Valid until Aug. 30, 2021.

Why customers love TheMarket:


3. Hello Fresh

No time to plan your daily meals or make a grocery list? Hello Fresh offers healthy recipes, plus their ingredients that you can get delivered every week. You can choose your plan size, the number of recipes you want weekly, and the kind of recipes you like.

Why choose Hello Fresh:

  • Customize your plan
  • Fresh, pre-measured ingredients
  • Has over 30 fresh recipes to choose from every week

Why customers love Hello Fresh:



For North Island residents, PAK’nSAVE may not be offering doorstep delivery, but it’s still an ideal option to get your groceries, especially if the Pickup option isn’t that much of a problem for you. You can collect your orders from one of their many branches.


  • Deals and discounts weekly
  • Cooking tips and tricks on their website
  • Multiple branches where you can pick and collect your order

5. Food Box

Get locally sourced groceries, delivered weekly! All you need to do is subscribe to either Foodbox’s weekly or fortnightly delivery, and provide your information such as preferred foods. Choose the Foodbox that suits you best and add or remove items before your order is confirmed, in just a few clicks. 

Why choose Food Box:

  • Easy registration
  • Fast delivery
  • Know what's in season and what recipes you can cook on their website
  • Items are locally and sustainably sourced
  • Pay with AfterPay

Promos and discounts:

  • Get 20% off if your orders are a weekly or fortnightly subscription

Why customers love Food Box:



6. International Foods

For those who want to indulge in their food cravings this lockdown, there's International Foods. They are New Zealand's biggest importer of American snacks and grocery items. From your favorite cereal brands to dips and sauces, you can easily get them through International Foods' online store, and have them delivered to your place wherever you are in NZ!

Why choose International Foods:

  • Fast delivery nationwide
  • Affordable delivery fees
  • Get 20% off when you subscribe to their newsletter
  • Great customer service

Promos and discounts:

  • Subscribe to their newsletter and get 20% off

Why customers love International Foods:


7. Supie

Supie is a membership-based online market where you can shop for more than 2000 products, specially curated to suit your lifestyle and needs. Since it's membership-based, you can be sure to get automatic savings and discounts each time you shop! You can choose the free Supie membership, which gives you access to thousands of products, and your own personal Supie Shopper, or the Supie+ membership, where you can get 2-10% cashback on ALL products.

Why choose Supie:

  • Fresh and high-quality groceries
  • Special discounts
  • Promotes sustainable living by using recyclable packaging
  • Supie+ members get free delivery on orders over $70, exclusive discounts, and free samples

Please note that Supie currently delivers to Auckland region only.

8. SuperValue

If you want to support local businesses, there's SuperValue. They are locally-owned and operated, and they have a lot of branches all over New Zealand. Apart from fresh produce and great customer service, SuperValue has a replacement and refund guarantee to make sure you're getting fresh and quality products from them.

Why choose SuperValue:

  • Pick-up and delivery option
  • Replacement and refund guarantee
  • Free recipes on their website

9. The Honest Grocer

New Zealand offers world-class meat and produce, but they tend to be expensive even if it's grown locally. The Honest Grocer was made to provide the best locally-grown produce at honest and fair prices both for Kiwi customers and farmers. Customers can avail of Gold Status membership to get even better pricing.

Why choose The Honest Grocer:

  • Next day dispatch when you shop from their "Express - Next Day" category
  • Gold Membership that offers an even lower pricing
  • Well-curated local and international products

Please note that Honest Grocer requires a minimum spend of $50 per order and currently delivers to North Island only.

Why customers love The Honest Grocer:


10. New World

With 140 locations all over New Zealand, New World is one of the leading supermarkets in the country. Their personal shoppers will make sure they're getting you fresh and good-quality products. The good thing about New World is you can still edit your order up to 12 hours before cancellation, just in case you forgot to add something!

Why choose New World:

  • Offers 2-hour delivery time slots
  • Option to create and add shopping lists
  • Discounts when you get the New World Clubcard

Please note that delivery options are not available in some parts of New Zealand, but you can collect your purchased items from your local store.

11. Grocery Deals

Grocery Deals is a New Zealand-owned shop where you can get your essential needs at better prices, through their daily deals! They also take pride in providing great customer service, available 24/7 to answer your queries and hear your concerns.

Why choose Grocery Deals:

  • Pick-up and delivery option
  • Discounts and deals daily
  • Thousands of products to shop and choose from
  • Free shipping when you spend at least $50
  • 24/7 customer support

Why customers love Grocery Deals:


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