Best Mobile Plans for Travellers in New Zealand

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Although wifi can be accessed anywhere in New Zealand, it’s not all the time that travellers can connect to one instantly. If you only plan on travelling for a week or two, you can get by even without a mobile data plan. However, if you’re staying a longer period, you may want to think about getting an NZ mobile plan. 

Here are your best mobile plan options when you're free to travel again and select NZ as your first destination.

Get a temporary SIM card

Some may suggest a data card rather than a SIM card – that’s advisable if you're staying at least a week in New Zealand as a data card is a cheaper option for internet connectivity. Otherwise, you’re better off with a temporary SIM

What's fun about choosing a mobile plan from a local carrier is you can make local calls, which with a data card can’t offer. Plus, you get first-hand experience of the fast mobile internet in the country! Getting fast and stable speeds aren’t much of a problem too as the country has well-established 4G networks. You’re free to roam around and still get coverage no matter where you are.

Opt for a prepay mobile plan

If your online activities as a foreigner are limited to social media, video, and international calls, then it’s more practical to get a mobile prepay plan than a postpaid one. Compared to other options, it's more affordable and easier to set up. Simply set a limit for text, calling minutes, and data. If you wish to cancel your plan, you may do so at any time and still keep your number.  

Luckily, there are several traveller bundles to choose from according to your budget. For only $5 a week, you can get as much as 100MB with the option to extend up to 28 days! There are no hidden charges at the end of the period too as you only get to spend the credit that you have in your account.

Purchase a traveller package 

If you have a set budget for mobile data prior to coming to New Zealand, then good for you! Major carriers like Spark, Vodafone, and 2Degrees offer affordable traveller bundles for up to 3 months inclusive of unlimited texts, local and international calls, and mobile data. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best traveller packages from the leading NZ mobile providers. 









60 days

2 months

3 months

Calls and texts in NZ 

200 minutes of call and texts




10GB plus free data on selected apps for 30 days



International calls

200 mins to 19 destinations with free 200 texts

200 mins with free 200 texts

300 mins


To get these awesome deals, use our comparison tool here at Glimp ! 

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