Best Investment Apps in New Zealand

Oct 30, 2020
By Staff writer

The introduction of investment apps in New Zealand has made it much easier for everyone to invest in the stock market. Whether you're a beginner investor or a seasoned one, these investment apps come with comprehensive instructions and suggestions that help you take calculated risks. What's more, you're not just limited to the NZ stock market. You can also try your hand with the stock markets of other countries, such as that of Australia and the US.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t know much about investing yet! Check out these top investment apps in New Zealand to get started.

ASB Share Trading

ASB Share Trading is the investment app of ASB — New Zealand’s banking giant established in 1847. They’re a pioneer of online banking in the country, which has allowed them to craft an app for new and experienced investors. This platform gives you choices to plenty of investment types and access to local and international markets. 

You can invest the following with ASB Securities: shares, fixed interest, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and margin lending. You can invest as little as $1,000, which doesn’t include brokerage fees for every trade.

Direct Broking

Direct Broking is an online investment app with affiliations for Jarden Securities, ShareClarity, and ANZ. They give Kiwis easy access to market trends and products, as well as the flexibility to navigate NZX and ASX. Their top mission is to increase their investors’ portfolio so they’ve expanded their trading options to NZ, AU, UK, and US equity trades.

Direct Broking can help you invest with shares, ETFs, and bonds. Invest through their cash management trust account with NZ and AUS shares. Your returns of investment will be paid through your CMT account for NZX and ASX transactions.

Hatch Invest

Hatch Invest helps Kiwis invest in the US share markets through their partnership with DriveWealth. They’re locally operated by Kiwi Group Holding Limited — the owner of Kiwibank — which means that their services are tailor-made for Kiwis. They’re simply the handlers of your money, giving you more protection as the owner of the investment.

Their main focus of investment type is ETFs, but they also do stocks. Hatch Invest lets you buy and sell full or fractional shares, with Market Orders and Limit Orders investment options. This allows you to invest in the US market even if they’re closed.


Sharesies is a virtual platform where even beginners can invest. They have investment options in over 170 companies in the New Zealand Stock Exchange and over 35 managed funds. Their investment app is known as one of the friendliest, with auto-investing features and separate accounts for kids.

AMP Capital, pathfinder, portfolio investment entity (PIE) funds, and smartshares are the investment types offered by Sharesies. They charge for brokerage fees, forex fees, subscription fees, management fees, and exchange fees.


InvestNow is an online platform with direct 24/7 investment options. They give you simple and easy investing, with access to the leading fund managers and banks all over the world. These flexible investment options have no transaction fees, hidden charges, or monthly fees, so all the returns of investment go back directly to your pocket.

InvestNow allows you to invest index funds, managed funds, term deposits, and ETFs. Their minimum investment amount is $50, with one-off basis and regular investment option from any NZ bank account.


Simplicity is a non-profit fund manager that helps Kiwis get smarter with their money investment. They offer diverse and transparent investment options from low-risk to high-risk funds. Their annual fees and management fees are lower than the competition, making them one of the best platforms for low-cost index funds.

Simplicity’s investment types range from conservative, balanced, growth, NZ shares, and NZ bonds. Before investing, you need to present government-issued IDs as you need it to process your application.


If you want a safer route, the government-required KiwiSaver can be used to invest your money in the market. While most New Zealanders only use it to save their money, there are plenty of investment options that you can do with KiwiSaver. Your accumulated funds can be invested as bank deposits, bonds, and properties. 

The great thing about KiwiSaver is almost everyone has it! This gives every Kiwi, even those who may have little to no knowledge about investing, access to a wide range of investment options. Be sure to get a KiwiSaver scheme from a trusted provider that can make your investment grow.

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