Save More On Your Power Bills With These Electricity Apps

Mar 3, 2022
By Staff writer

Staying on top of your power bills has never been easier, all thanks to electricity apps. Managing your usage is one of the best steps in lowering your monthly consumption. As simple as knowing when you consume the most power in a day can help you set your monthly budget.

The majority of power retailers today offer smartphone apps for consumers, so you have a better system for usage and payments. Check out these NZ power providers that offer reliable electricity apps to their customers.

If your provider doesn't have one, you can easily download these other power-saving apps to help monitor your power consumption.

Power-Saving Apps

Energy Cost Calculator

Whether you're cutting back on your energy usage or not, it's best to monitor and make sure you don't go over budget! The Energy Cost Calculator app lets you check and analyze which appliances in your home are using the most energy, and see the cost of energy per day, week, month.

Energy Cost Calculator is available on the App Store

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An app made by researchers and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, MyEarth lets you keep track of your power usage, savings, and total impact. It has five categories: electricity, recycling, travel, food and usage, and includes activities to measure how sustainable your actions are.

It also includes a diary so you can check and tick off activities, helping people get an idea of how their actions affect the environment.

MyEarth is available on the App Store and Google Play


Save more energy and money by practising sustainable habits with JouleBug! Discover new ways to become more environment-friendly, get motivated by competing in challenges to see who's the greenest, follow family and friends, track your impact, and more!

JouleBug is available on the App Store and Google Play

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NZ Power Providers with apps:

Meridian Energy App

Meridian Energy customers can now manage their power through Meridian Energy's app.


  • Check your electricity usage
  • Forecast how much you're spending
  • Input your meter readings

Please note that the app might not be ready for all Meridian customers yet, so best to contact their customer service first before logging in your details.

The Meridian Energy App is available on the App Store and Google Play


Energy IQ App

Energy IQ is a powerful tool that has great features to accommodate all Genesis Energy customers.


  • Know how much power you'll be using up to a week in advance
  • The Eco Tracker feature lets you check carbon emissions from electricity generation and electricity demand
  • The Home Comparison feature allows you to compare your power usage to households similar to yours
  • Check your power usage and an estimate of your bill
  • Pay your electricity bill
  • Place orders for bottled gas refills 

The Energy IQ App is available on the App Store and Google Play

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Powershop NZ App

Take control of your electricity bill! Powershop lets you know exactly how much power you're consuming and how much that will cost before your due date. That way, you can choose to get their 'Powerpacks' to help you save more money — also available on the app.


  • Keep track of how much power you're using
  • Be updated with sales and discounts
  • Forecast future power usage and cost
  • Purchase Powerpacks
  • Compare power usage and gain insights

Not a Powershop customer yet? You can still download the app and try it in demo mode instead!

The Powershop NZ App is available on the App Store and Google Play

Nova Energy

Manage your Nova Energy bundled plans or individual services in one app!


  • See your Power and/or Natural Gas usage
  • Pay your bills through credit card or online EFTPOS
  • Set up a direct credit
  • Submit a meter reading
  • See the details of your broadband plan

Nova Energy is available on the App Store and Google Play

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Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi customers can now check their bills and update their Hour of Power in one app. The app also lets customers set reminder notifications so they can keep an eye on electricity usage, and more!


  • View your bills
  • Update your Hour of Power
  • Get insights on your power usage
  • Use the live chat service for inquiries and concerns
  • View your usage across days, weeks, months and find out your highest off-peak hour
  • Get Hour of Power notifications

Electric Kiwi is available on the App Store and Google Play

Flick Electric

Unlike other apps, Flick Electric provides real-time information about the market price of electricity and its carbon impact on the system.


  • Live information about the total carbon impact of power generation
  • Get alerts based on total carbon emissions and find out the best time to use electricity to reduce carbon emissions
  • Get information about the different types of electricity generation in New Zealand
  • Live price dial showing your changing variable cost of electricity
  • Turn on notifications for high and low price alerts
  • Access your current bill and savings information
  • Ability to change your Volt settings

Flick Electric is available on the App Store and Google Play

Contact Energy

Keep track of your Contact Energy account wherever you are, anytime you need it! 


  • See your account balance and total amount to pay
  • View how much electricity you’re using
  • Choose from one-off or debit card payments
  • Pay directly from your bank account using Account2Account
  • Submit your last meter read (if you're moving house)
  • Use available Month Off discounts
  • View your previous usage (up to 15 months)

Contact Energy is available on the App Store and Google Play

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Keep up to date with your Trustpower account with their app!


  • View your monthly statements
  • See your current account balance
  • Pay your monthly bills by credit card or one-off bank transfer
  • Set up a Direct Debit or SmoothPay
  • Chat and relay your concerns and questions with chatbot Toni or one of their customer service team
  • Keep track of your broadband and power usage
  • Get updates for planned maintenance and faults affecting your location
  • Get bill reminder notifications

Trustpower is available on the App Store and Google Play

Mercury Energy

Get everything done with Mercury Energy's app! One of its unique features allows you to take challenges, earn competition entries, and win Mercury Dollars — equivalent to New Zealand Dollars in value!


  • Track your electricity usage
  • Pay your bills
  • View your account balance
  • Complete challenges and earn rewards
  • Exclusive discounts on your power bill

Mercury Energy is available on the App Store and Google Play

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Check your power and broadband usage easily with the megaTEL mobile app!


  • View information about your account on a single page
  • Recurring payment setup
  • One-off bills payments
  • Update your current plans
  • Purchase add-ons
  • Use the live chat within the app for questions and concerns

MegaTEL is available on the App Store


Stay on top of your power with Globug's app! Manage your prepay electricity account and top up at the comfort of your home.


  • Top up from $10 through your debit or credit card 
  • Contact Globug's call centre team for inquiries and concerns
  • Get an estimate of how many days of Power you have left
  • See how much you're spending on electricity by day, week, or month

Globug is available on the App Store and Google Play

Slingshot Power

Check your account balance, split your bills, and more with the Slingshot app!


  • Check your account balance and payment history
  • Get information about your bills
  • Get notified about upcoming payment dates and bills
  • Set up and manage automatic payments
  • Make one-off payments
  • Real-time tech support
  • An AI that analyses your last billing period, to see if your bill is higher than normal
  • Split bills to manage your payments better

Slingshot App is available on the App Store and Google Play

Orcon Power

Manage all your Orcon Power plans on one app! The Orcon app lets you check everything from your account balance to power usage.


  • View your account balance
  • Check your Power or Broadband usage
  • Update your plans
  • Place a move house request
  • View invoice history
  • Pay your bills via different payment methods

Orcon Power is available on the App Store and Google Play

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