glimp Discount Code, 6 Months Half Price, And Huge Markdowns On The Best Broadband Deals In NZ

Date Jun 1, 2021
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By Sieg C

Are you experiencing slower speeds than what you’re actually paying for? How about intermittent, unreliable internet service? Perhaps, you receive signals just fine in your living room but not in the kitchen or your room? It may be because your broadband plan is outdated! 

An outdated broadband deal with outdated router tech is the perfect recipe for slow and unreliable internet connections. What’s more, you may be missing out on some exclusive perks and promos available at your address! Your neighbours may be getting better value for money while you’re paying the same amount.

Here’s a quick list of the newest broadband deals and promos offered by the leading providers in New Zealand. But before we proceed, it's important you note the following:

  • Most deals are available in all of NZ, but they may still vary per area.
  • Some deals are available for a limited time period only.
  • Some deals are exclusive when you sign-up here at glimp!


Orcon’s $15 a month to get business class service ‘bolt-on’

Business and home broadband plans used to be separate offerings by Orcon. Traditionally, businesses need faster speeds and larger bandwidth because their tasks are more demanding. However, the line between residential and commercial use isn’t as clear as day.

Nowadays, most households also need fast and stable broadband because residents have more demanding tasks such as video conferencing, uploading files on the cloud, and streaming series in 4K resolution. That’s why Orcon offers a $15 ‘bolt-on’ to make your regular fibre broadband plan business-grade.

Getting a business-grade service doesn’t mean a speed upgrade. It simply means you’re prioritised by technicians and customer service agents if ever you experience interruptions or delays in your internet service, just like you would when you have business broadband.

For Orcon fibre broadband offerings, check out this list.

Unlimited Unlimited Gigantic
Price $84.95 per month $99.95 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/20Mbps 900/400Mbps
Term 12 or 24-months 12 or 24-months
Modem Free rental, BYO, or Google Nest Wifi for up to $10 per month Free rental, BYO, or Google Nest Wifi for up to $10 per month
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95
Installation fee Free Free
Termination fee $250 $250

Compare all Orcon Broadband plans here!

Stuff Fibre’s six months half-price on their 24-month contract

Stuff Fibre offers one of the largest half-price deals among the leading providers in New Zealand. When you commit to their 24-month contract, you only need to pay half the price for the first six months of your plan! This promo applies to both their Base and Boost plans.

If you choose to commit to their 12-month contract, you can get the first four months of your internet plan at half-price. Similarly, this also applies to both their Base and Boost plans. Both promos come with different add-ons such as a voice app for $10 per month, an upgraded router for $299 one-time payment, and a free SafeZone for blocking restricted content.

Stuff Fibre’s six-month half-price deal is available in these broadband plans:

Base Plan Boost Plan
Price $42.48 per month ($84.95 after 6 months) $47.48 per month ($94.95 after 6 months)
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/20Mbps 900/450Mbps
Term 24-months 24-months
Modem Free rental or $299 for upgraded router Free rental or $299 for upgraded router
Modem postage Up to $14.95 Up to $14.95
Installation fee Free Free
Termination fee $240 $240

Compare all Stuff Fibre Broadband plans here!


glimp’s exclusive discount code on MyRepublic broadband plans

You can now get a discounted plan from the fastest broadband in New Zealand, as rated by Ookla! glimp offers an exclusive discount code for MyRepublic broadband plans. It lowers the monthly payment for your VDSL, Fibre 100, and Fibre 200 plans to $75 per month, and Fibre Pro plans to $85 per month

How to get the MyRepublic glimp discount code?

Choose from any of these MyRepublic Broadband plans, and you will be redirected to the MyRepublic page to enter your details. The discount code will then be auto-filled on the second ('Choose Your Plan') step!

And if you’re an avid gamer, you can also take advantage of their specialised plans for less than a hundred bucks, even on their high-end Gamer Fibre Pro. Getting specialised plans means your internet connection and extras are designed to optimise your gaming experience. Most of all, you can pair these plans with their wide array of modems for as low as $20 per month.

Check out more MyRepublic deals right here:

Fibre 100 Gamer Fibre 100 Fibre Pro Gamer Fibre Pro
Price $75 per month $89 per month $85 per month $95 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/20Mbps 100/20Mbps 900/450Mbps 900/450Mbps
Term 12-months 12-months 12-months 12-months
Modem $0-35 per month $0-35 per month $0-35 per month $0-35 per month
Modem postage Up to $14.95 Up to $14.95 Up to $14.95 Up to $14.95
Installation fee Free Free Free Free
Termination fee $240 $240 $240 $240

Compare all MyRepublic Broadband plans here!

2degrees’ markdown on their 12-month term plans

As long as you stay with 2degrees for 12 months, you can fully take advantage of their big markdowns on some of their best broadband offerings. From $89, you can get their ADSL, VDSL, and Fibre 100 plans for only $75 per month. Their Fibre 900 plan also has a big markdown from $106 to $90 per month!

On top of these affordable plans, 2degrees offers a monthly $14 discount with a free Amazon Prime Video for up to 12 months. If you purchase their 4G Wireless Broadband for the first time, you can get a $100 joining credit upon sign up. The best part is, you can get these already discounted prices with big even bigger discounts if you have an existing pay monthly mobile plan from 2degrees.

Here’s a quick list of 2degrees’ broadband plans:

Unlimited Ultimate Unlimited
Price $75 per month (Was at $89 per month) $90 per month (Was at $106 per month)
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/20Mbps 900/400Mbps
Term 12-months 12-months
Modem Free rental Free rental
Modem postage Up to $15 Up to $15
Installation fee Free Free
Termination fee $199 $199

Compare all 2degrees Broadband plans here!

Always get the latest deals on your broadband plan!

Before switching plans, make sure you have the best promos and offerings! Take advantage of the lowest prices and competitive add-ons in your internet plan. There’s a neat hack to always get the latest deals without spending the whole day scrolling through different provider websites!

Just visit glimp’s comparison tool to find the latest discount codes, deals, and offers from the top providers in New Zealand. Watch out for our exclusive promos that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet — even on the provider’s website!

Compare, switch, and save with glimp today!

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