The Best Productivity Apps For Deep Work This 2021

Feb 8, 2021
By Staff writer

Struggling to focus at work? Find the best productivity apps for you this 2021. Rediscover the joys of delayed gratification, and learn to concentrate better everyday.

They said remote work is here to stay. That can be good or bad, as not everyone has a great work space at home. Personal and work-life tend to overlap, and productivity is only as good as the willpower of each worker. As we continue to navigate this new world, we can try to make the most of online resources for a more relaxing and productive work.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling and consuming an unhealthy amount of content for hours, try using productivity apps and software to avoid unnecessary distractions, and keep track of your goals. Luckily, there's always one that fits your work and lifestyle just right!

What is a productivity app?

A productivity app or software is a type of software solution that aids individuals, teams, and organizations to be more productive and make day-to-day tasks faster and easier. From email management to browser plugins, there's so much to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

What are the best productivity apps to use?

Check out some of the best apps for productivity below to find your match!

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Trying to stay focused is hard especially when there's always so many good things to read! Good thing there's Pocket, an app that teaches you delayed gratification by saving these articles or web pages for later. Sure, you can always check your browser history or bookmarks for that, but that can be time-consuming. Good thing Pocket’s save button and award-winning app is here to save you.

With Pocket, you can save content from all over the web to keep you focused and get back to them for future use. It acts as the main storage space to hold everything such as videos, articles, and stories from any publication, page, or app. And what makes this app even better is you can download your favorites for offline consumption!

You also connect with your Pocket-user friends and send interesting finds to them or share them directly via social media.

Ways to use Pocket:

  • Save stories for future reading
  • Gather all your internet favorites in one for easy access
  • Highlight important notes or quotes to help you grow and keep you inspired
  • Explore Pocket’s recommendations to find just about anything, from inspirations, to weird, funny stories.

You can access Pocket in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Stay organized and tick off more from your to-do's with! It's an application used by millions of people to organize tasks and reminders ALL in one place and conveniently sync them across all of your devices. The problem with most task organizer apps are the confusing interface and paid features, but with's award-winning design and easy-to-use features, it's an app you would actually use and stick to. 


  • Use colors to organize your tasks based on priority
  • Customize themes and recurring tasks
  • Categorize your lists
  • Add notes, subtasks, and attachments
  • Set due dates and reminders
  • Collaborate with your team, friends, or family members on a project easily. Share list and assign tasks to get more things done!

You can access in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store.


It's your all-in-one workspace. Whether it's for personal use or for your team, it's a great app to write, plan, and organize. Think of it as your own archive of everything — you can even create your own version of wiki!

Notion is a productivity app that offers unique and powerful features that most apps out there don't have, not to mention its UX design that makes all your projects and pages aesthetically pleasing.

It has a task list feature so you can easily tick tasks off your to-do list. Another great feature of the app is the option to make pages and create subtopics for each one--a convenient way to stay organized and see things at a glance. 


  • Collaborate on projects and track them easily
  • Track your content calendar
  • Organize meeting notes
  • Add any type of content
  • Add tables

You can access Notion in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser or download it on the App Store and Google Play Store. Notion is available for Windows and Mac.


Now that the majority of businesses and people from all over the world have a work from home setup, a good messaging app is a must to make sure everyone can relay information easily.

Switch to Slack, one of the most popular and well-acclaimed group messaging app today. It allows you and your team to have group meetings, private chats, one-on-one conversations, video calls, and audio calls. It's also one of the best online tools to create a sense of community, especially at a time like this. Create channels solely for sharing memes and inspirational quotes, conduct games, create polls, and many more.

It also makes your work easier and more fun with apps that you can install on Slack!

Some of the apps you can install:

  • Google Calendar - see your schedule, get invites and updates
  • Google Drive - get notifications about Google Drive files
  • /notes - write down your notes and thoughts privately
  • GIF keyboard - choose and share the perfect GIF response on your channels

You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store. Slack is also available for Windows and Mac.

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Say goodbye to password resets. How many times have you encountered being locked out of your account for multiple logins? Or answered security questions because you forgot your passwords again? It's understandable that with all the accounts we have on social media, online shops, and more, we're bound to forget at least a couple of these!

LastPass is one of your best options to put an end to this security nightmare. It's a password manager that can easily generate strong and secure passwords and save all of them in a password manager vault. There you can add, view, and manage everything you've saved on LastPass. What's good about this manager is it makes all of your passwords available across all your devices, making it easier and quicker to log in to your accounts.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from your passwords, LastPass can remember other details too, such as your payment and shipping details. You can also safely share your passwords with others!

The app is free but you can always opt to avail the LastPass Premium plan and get more, such as multi-factor options, unlimited sharing of passwords, and 1GB encrypted cloud storage.

You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store, and Windows Store

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No more unnecessary distractions. RescueTime is a fully automated time tracking software application that tracks your online and offline activity on your devices. It's a great tool to help you gauge the amount of time you spend across various tasks and activities so you can develop better and more effective working habits. Compare productive and unproductive days, focus on your work by blocking unauthorized, distracting websites, and more.

RescueTime is available for Windows and Mac. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Add these extensions to your browser for some productivity boost!

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Do you find yourself spending too much time on the most popular social media apps in the world? Avoid distractions by replacing your news feed with an inspiring quote! 

News Feed Eradicator is here to help! It removes the most distracting part of Facebook and Twitter and replaces it with an inspirational quote. No need to worry because you can still use the other features and functions of these sites — only this time, it's minus the newsfeed distractions.

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook is available in the chrome web store


Having numerous tabs open at the same time can be a little distracting. With OneTab, you can turn all of your tabs into a list with just one click. Easily access and restore these tabs individually or all at once when you need them again.

OneTab is available in the chrome web store


Our environment and work setup is a huge factor when it comes to our productivity. Some work best when it’s quiet, while some are more active and motivated when they work in public such as in cafes or when they play background music. Look no further because Noisli provides background sounds to keep you focused and mask annoying noises. You can mix different sounds and create the perfect sound just for you!

Noisli is available in the chrome web store. You download it on the App Store and Google Play Store

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