Before We Went Online: Life Without the Internet

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The internet is a wonderful thing. It allows us to limitless access to different information within seconds. It’s been deeply integrated into our lives that many of us can’t even imagine what it feels to live without one. 

However, what was life really like before the internet took over? We look at how the internet has impacted our lives and changed the way we do things today.

Searching for information wasn’t as easy

If you had information to look for before the internet, chances are you gathered it through reading the local newspaper, watching the news, or going to the library! 

Students today will never understand the struggle of visiting their local library to research for their assignments and projects. The internet has now stored all the information from the infamous encyclopaedia – so why go through the hassle of endless turning of pages.

Cassettes, VHS, and CDs reigned supreme

Today, you can find any song, TV show, or movie online. Way back, however, we had to carry around a huge Walkman to play our favourite songs or rewind cassette tapes using our trusty pencils.

Streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix have changed the way we consume media – making our most loved companies like Video Ezy and Blockbuster almost obsolete today.

GPS who? Paper maps were the way to move

Before we had GPS on our phones and cars, paper maps were the only resource to navigate to a new location. If you were lucky, you may even have had a Navman or TomTom GPS!

However, the rise of the internet along with other developments in technology quickly made these devices unusable.  

Communication was limited

If you want to talk to someone today, you have plenty of available options. There are many instant messaging applications currently on offer in the market today, and getting them is as easy as one tap.

Before email, WhatsApp, or Skype were invented, your options were pretty limited. Your landline phone was your only way of getting in touch with friends and family – either that or good old fashioned snail mail!

Online shopping has changed our consumer ways

The internet has completely changed the way we purchase things. Today, you can find anything online from clothes, to shoes, to electronics, and even groceries! In just a click of a button, your items will be delivered to your front door in no time!

Before we went online, consumers almost always had to drive to a retail store to purchase an item, or else, order it over the phone. Consumers today definitely have more options available to them than ever before.

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Michael Crooke , 2020-12-08

Very useful and helpful when switching internet providers. All achieved within a few minutes.

brent Dinnan , 2020-09-18

Used Glimp to compare prices for Broadband and toke thier adivce and signed up with a new plan saving a fair bit each month... I should have first gone to my provider as the yoffered me a better price to stay with them... lesson learnt