Autumn Power Saving Tips To Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Jul 13, 2020
By Staff writer


Summer has sadly passed for another year and with it goes the scorching hot weather. As we transition into the colder seasons, many of us will begin to change our daily habits such as utilising heaters and other electricity consuming appliances.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some autumn power saving tips so that your monthly electricity bills don’t increase so drastically!

Take Advantage of that Autumn Sun!

Just because it’s autumn, it doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t warm enough to provide you with natural heating! When the sun is out, you can still experience temperatures in the early 20s in parts of New Zealand.

While we do have to deal with daylight savings ending during autumn, the sun will be out earlier to provide more warmth in the morning.

Take advantage of natural heating by opening your curtains and blinds when you wake up. You will be pleasantly surprised by the additional warmth provided by the sun and ultimately spend less on heating.

Remember to close your blinds 30 minutes before sunset to keep your house warmer for longer.

Go Out Earlier in the Day

Furthermore, as the sun rises earlier and the temperatures are warmer in the morning, get out and about!

Autumn is a great season if you want to get out earlier in the day and do activities such as bush walks, strolling through the park or just going for a run.

The Vitamin D that you get will boost your mood and is great for your body. The more time you spend outside of your home means that electricity consumption will also be at a minimum.

Use the Dryer as a Last Resort!

The general theme of this blog post has been focused on the autumn sun and we can’t emphasise just how great it is.

The autumn weather is warm enough for you to hang your clothes on the washing line without any problems. Wash your clothes early in the morning and let them hang as soon as they are done.

Prepare for Winter Now and Save Power

Autumn is a great time to prepare for the harsher and cooler conditions of winter. If you have tile or marble floors, utilise a rug to reduce heat loss through your floors.

Purchasing rugs and carpet now can be cheaper than buying during winter time when demand and prices are at their highest.

Reducing heat loss is one of the best methods for saving power. Read our blog post to learn about four other Methods For Keeping Yourself Warm This Autumn.

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