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Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer

What is the 'Ask for Better' broadband initiative?  

Chorus, the largest broadband network provider in New Zealand, recently launched an 'Ask for Better' broadband campaign with a number of NZ internet providers. The campaign is aimed at getting Kiwis to ask for better broadband. Turns out there are 1.4 million kiwis who can get better broadband. Are you one of them?


The thing is that not all broadband is created equal. Your broadband experience is affected by the broadband speed, reliability and the amount of broadband data you need to utilise the full potential of the internet. 

There are the main broadband types and their main features and benefits:

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband is the most popular broadband connection type, on the Chorus network, with the highest user satisfaction on the Chorus network. It is the future of internet in New Zealand. Fibre broadband offers a dedicated and consistently reliable connection. This means that you have enough fibre power for anyone in the household without any interuption. Say goodbye to slow internet, buffering and lag.

Don't know if you can get fibre broadband?  If you can you really, really should.  Check if you can get fibre by entering your address here or you can compare fibre broadband plans here

    Fibre Pro or ‘Gigabit’ Fibre Broadband (aka Fastest Fibre Broadband)

    The fastest home broadband available on the Chorus fibre network.  Majority of Kiwis won't need it just yet, as their internet consumption is not as high yet. However, in the future it will become the norm or maybe broadband providers will no longer restrict our broadband speeds. The best thing about gigabit fibre broadband is the huge, dedicated capacity for multiple devices to watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at the same time, without any loss of quality or buffering. But as we already mentioned, most of you will have no problems with regular fibre broadband. You can compare Gigabit Fibre broadband plans here: Click to compare Gigabit Fibre broadband plans.

      VDSL Broadband

      VDSL broadband is worse than Fibre broadband but it is better than the basic ADSL broadband because VDSL offers a better, more reliable internet experience with less buffering. It is super easy to upgrade from ADSL to VDSL broadband but you need to make sure that you can get it. You can check if your address has VDSL or even better if your address is fibre ready by going here: Click to see if you have fibre or vdsl. VDSL broadband can support a range of online activities like streaming high definition shows, video calling, or uploading photos. You can compare VDSL broadband plans here: Click to compare VDSL broadband plans.

        ADSL Broadband

        ADSL broadband is the old technology and our prediction it will eventually be phased out in most of places in NZ. You choose this broadband speed when you don't have any other options, as ADSL is slower and costs the same, if not more, as other broadband speeds. ADSL broadband can support everyday activities like web browsing, online banking, and emailing. You can compare ADSL broadband plans here: Click to compare ADSL broadband plans.

        Wireless Broadband

        Wireless broadband is internet through the 4G mobile phone network.  The performance can vary depending on the demand around you. Wireless is not available on the Chorus network. Wireless is quick and easy to get set up and started, however has limited capabilities. We still recommend getting fibre, if it is available at your place.

        Are you ready to Ask for Better broadband?

        You can currently get free fibre installations on Chorus network. Don't wait anymore, check your broadband speed here: Check Broadband Speed. Know your broadband speed but want to know if you can get fibre? Click here to find if you can get fibre. 


        Already got fibre? Compare broadband plans from the best internet providers online at glimp and switch. It only takes a minute!

        You can visit the Chorus Ask for Better site here to find out more about the campaign

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