How To Invest In Nikko AM NZ's ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund Using Your KiwiSaver

Feb 17, 2021
By Staff writer

Not everyone can risk investing their money in very competitive stock markets. If you're ready to take on bigger forms of investments for even bigger returns, you can consider investing in ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund.

Nikko AM NZ gives you the option to use your KiwiSaver account to invest your money to ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund. You can simply transfer the amount you want, and let a team of professional investors grow your money in local and international markets.

Here’s how you can invest in ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund through your KiwiSaver scheme.

How does ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund work?

ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund is an aggressive investment fund by Nikko AM NZ. It’s a sub-fund under the Nikko AM Global Umbrella Fund. Note that it's completely independent from ARKK ETFs as well as US-listed ARK G and ARK X.

Once you choose to invest your KiwiSaver in ARK Disruptive Fund, your money will be pooled along with many other investors. Nikko AM NZ appoints ARK Investment Management LLC as the investment advisor to grow your portfolio.

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What is the objective ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund for your investment?

It’s one of the most competitive funds where you can invest your money. ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund aims to outperform the absolute return of 10% annually over five years before expenses, running costs, and taxes. 

It targets 100% investment in the underlying fund at an extremely high risk. It also targets asset allocation of 100% international equities in a minimum suggested investment timeframe of seven or more years.

How do you transfer KiwiSaver to ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund?

If you already have a KiwiSaver, all you need to do is to transfer money from your account to ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund. You simply have to complete the process of transferring your scheme on GoalsGetter, a trusted online investment platform.

If you don’t have a KiwiSaver just yet...

If you don’t have a KiwiSaver scheme yet, simply sign up for a KiwiSaver scheme from Nikko AM NZ. They have over eight options available to fit your needs and financial situations. To know if you qualify for a KiwiSaver scheme, visit IRD.

Generally, requirements to join KiwiSaver include:

  • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • Living in New Zealand the majority of the year

If you’re paying your KiwiSaver through wages...

If you already have a KiwiSaver and are paying through your employer, you simply need to complete the process on the website. After a few business days, IRD can directly pay these contributions to Nikko AM NZ.

However, if you have an existing AP or direct debit to your old provider, you may need to cancel this before you can set up payment contributions with Nikko AM NZ. You can only do this once you set up your goal in your investment scheme.

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What are different allocations from KiwiSaver to ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund?

ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund gives you three choices on how much disruptive you want your investment. Usually, this is based on factors such as age, income, risk, future retirement goals, among others. It varies per person, and what works for you may not work for others.

Choose an existing fund

Like most investment funds, ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund offers balanced and growth funds. These are made up of your assets including shares, bonds, and cash. If you’re off for a safer route, you may choose a balanced fund which invests 50% of your assets. It's up to you to choose a growth fund to make your investment bigger.

ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund offers a growth scheme, which invests almost 80% of your assets and saves only 20% of your money. It introduces you to technologically advanced products or services, which are expected to grow exponentially and change the tech industry.

Transfer to ARK 100%

If you want an even more disruptive investment scheme, then transfer all your KiwiSaver assets to ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund! It’s a risky investment scheme, which you must only accomplish if you’re financially stable.

Although you risk all your assets, you can expect greater ROI once your investment has been successful. The great news is, Nikko AM NZ only invests your assets into competitive global tech companies.

Allocate your Disruptive Innovation

If a balanced fund is too little and 100% ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund is too risky for you, Nikko AM NZ allows you to choose the allocation for your needs. This is a great choice as you can always choose to diversify, which is the best way to go.

You can also choose the proportion of how much of your assets will be allocated in different funds from Nikko AM. There are a number of great funds that they offer, and you’re always free to choose whichever ones fit your needs.

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Is ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund the best fund for me?

Nikko AM NZ offers plenty of available investment funds using KiwiSaver; ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund is just one of them. If you like a more balanced, more conservative, or a more aggressive scheme, you can always choose your best options.

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