Amazon Australia Expands To NZ Shoppers: What Can We Expect?

Jul 12, 2021
By Staff writer

Amazon — one of the largest online stores in the world — is now opening another channel for Kiwi shoppers through its Australian website. Tony Austin, General Manager of Exports for said on Monday, July 6th, “We are excited to offer Kiwis access to millions of products at great prices.”

Of course, this is a gamechanger for Kiwi shoppers, as they can now get their orders delivered much cheaper and faster. This can also benefit Kiwi online retailers on Amazon, as they can sell their goods in a larger market, while keeping their stocks locally. 

The question now is, how will this affect the local industry that’s continuously facing tough competition from global retailers? What changes can we expect with the further expansion of Amazon in New Zealand?


How much can Kiwis save with Amazon AU expansion?

When New Zealanders want to purchase something from Amazon, they can only order from the US store or third-party senders — such as NZ Post's YouShop or Planet Express — if the items can’t be sent directly to NZ. This is a lengthy and expensive process, with the shipping fees alone costing at least $50 for an average cart of only $120.

With the opening of Amazon Australia in NZ, standard delivery throughout the country now costs around NZ$3.20. Expedited delivery is available in some parts of Auckland and Christchurch for as little as NZ$7.49. It delivers your items within three business days.

Aside from more affordable shipping fees, you also get a better and easier returns policy! Simply keep the postage-paid labels that come with your items to schedule an at-home pick-up. You can also return your item by dropping it at a DHL location near you.

What can Kiwis buy on Amazon Australia?

Expect to see familiar brands such as MightyApe, JB Hi-Fi, The Warehouse, and more. Amazon Australia also lists global brands including Breville, Mattel, Nintendo, Oculus, among many others.

Most of all, you can also shop from local Kiwi products like manuka honey, puzzles, skincare products, and more.

On the other hand, homegrown New Zealand businesses such as Serious Food Co, The Herb Farm, and Bella Honey have been listing their products on Amazon AU to sell local products to other countries. Its expansion in NZ means that more Kiwi businesses can now sell their products across the Tasman.

Once your order is finalised, it will be sent out from one of the four fulfilment centres across Australia — one for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. This is where the products are stocked by the sellers as well picked up, packed, and shipped to customers by Amazon.


Will the entry of Amazon hurt the local industry?

Retail NZ Chief Executive Greg Harford believes that Amazon Australia’s entrance into New Zealand won’t impact the industry, at least in the short term. “People here are shopping on Amazon all over the place and this is just opening another Amazon channel,” he added.

As the competition from global brands gets tougher and tougher every year, he noted that retailers have been keeping up. However, Sell Global Director Hamish Conway believes otherwise. He thinks that this will be a reminder for local retailers to raise the quality of their customer service and experience.

“They have got to make sure they are on point with their customer experience to make sure they are not vulnerable to customers looking over towards Amazon,” he said. This is especially true as Amazon is known to be the "everything store". Although, the online marketplace needs to make sure to deliver what they promise.

Will Amazon Prime Delivery also launch in New Zealand? 

Amazon Prime Delivery is its quick delivery option that you pay for a monthly subscription fee. This also includes Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music services. In Australia, this membership service includes:

  • Free two-day domestic deliveries from Amazon for eligible items.
  • Free international delivery from Amazon for orders over AUD $49.
  • Free release-date delivery for pre-order items (games, movies etc.)
  • Early access to deals on Amazon

The company said Amazon Prime Delivery won’t be available in New Zealand. However, Kiwi customers can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for $8 per month. The entry of Amazon may likely introduce us to more of their digital services like Alexa. 

Conway forecasts that the goal of Amazon is to hook us into their ecosystem. “It will take a few years for users to adopt Alexa, but they will, and then it will start to become very noticeable in the New Zealand landscape,” he added.

Can I get coupons when I shop with Amazon?

Of course, you simply have to know where to look! There are plenty of valid coupons available on the internet. Some even offer discounts of up to 90%. Before checking out your cart, get discounts from Stuff, Picodi,,, and more.

When the sale hits the market, check out your cart quickly so you never lose the items that you’ve been eyeing for a long time. Make sure you're connect to fast and stable internet so you don't miss out! 

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