A guide to travelling while pregnant

Jul 14, 2020
Travel Insurance
By Staff writer


Wanting to travel while you’re pregnant, but worried about what might happen or whether it’s even safe to travel? You have the right to be concerned, but if you’re just itching to get away, here’s a few things you can do on your travels to make sure that you enjoy yourself and keep safe.

Sit back and relax

Pregnancy can be one of the most uncomfortable sensations that stays throughout the entire journey. On your trip, instead of being stressed about things as you might be at home, you should try to just kick your feet up and relax.

Your trip is just about having fun and having a change of scenery and the best thing for your pregnancy and state of mind is to just enjoy! Take in the wonderful views, take part in activities and enjoy the company of your travel companions.

If you’re worried about unforeseen events that could impact your health or your pregnancy, you should consider getting travel insurance in NZ. Travel insurance can be cheap in NZ and if you compare travel insurance policies, you’ll see that most include medical cover while you’re overseas. 

What do you need to pack for your pregnancy

Packing for a trip can be hard, especially when you’re pregnant. There are a few things you can take to make your trip as comfortable as it could possibly be.

First of all, you should write a packing list that you can refer to at all times in case you forget to pack something. This list can also be useful for when you’re returning home from your travels to make sure you have everything that you came with. 

The most important thing you can pack and have on you at all times is water - and plenty of it. This will keep your fluids up and keep you hydrated at all times, which is very important when you’re pregnant.

Other things that could be important to pack are compression socks which will help limit swelling and blood clot, panadol for headaches, antacids for acid reflux and pregnancy vitamins so you’ll never miss a dose. 


A pregnant woman and her partner about to board their flight.


How to deal with morning sickness on your travels

One of the trickiest things during pregnancy is dealing with morning sickness. It gets even harder when you’re travelling as you may not always be at your accommodation when you get it. 

Stay clear of noxious odours

Certain smells will make you feel very sick and can actually spur on your morning sickness.

Use medical aids

 There are things you can eat like ginger lollies that may help fight back against the nausea, but you might find medications to be more effective.

There are some that you can get over the counter like Emetrol and vitamin B6 which are known to be great for battling nausea.

You should make sure to talk to your doctor about possible side effects and health implications before you take these medical aids. 

Drink plenty of water

As we mentioned before, keeping hydrated is the key for surviving pregnancy. Just like in any situation, water is the best drink to have when you’re feeling sick. 

Take pit-stops 

If you’re travelling by car then you should make sure to have a few designated breaks where you can get out of the car, stretch your legs and enjoy some fresh air.

It’s good to move around and this way, you can avoid getting car sick.

Keep it cool

Make sure the environment you’re in is very cool and fresh whether that’s in the plane or in the car. Crank up the air conditioning and you can also use an ice pack to place on your forehead to cool you down.

This is most important in the car as if you’re driving in summer, the hot sun can easily make the car very hot. 

Flying when pregnant

It’s generally safe to travel by plane until the person is 36 weeks pregnant.

This is because it’s been proven that the changes in air pressure and decrease in humidity do not affect the pregnancy and the 36-week pregnancy mark is considered the maximum because, after 37 weeks, a woman can go into labour at any time. 

The best places to fly to while pregnant

It can be hard to know where to go while you’re pregnant, especially if you haven’t actually been to the areas that you’re considering travelling to!

There aren’t many places that are catered towards pregnant women, but there are definitely a few places that could be considered ‘better’ to visit if you’re pregnant. 


You’ll want to avoid the fast-paced and adventurous type destinations and activities as stress is the last thing you’ll want to place on yourself and putting yourself in an environment where an accident could happen is a bad idea.

Opt for the places that are good for relaxing and that are more peaceful. More gentle exercises like yoga, walking and swimming can be at the top of the list for those people that just can’t avoid doing exercise. 


Places with high travel warnings from the government or those that carry a high risk of illness or diseases should be completely out of the question as most immunisations are not available for pregnant women. 

Here are a few destinations that a perfect for an expectant mother will love:

  • New York: Considered one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York has so many things to see and is perfect for those who love sightseeing. 
  • Fiji: Get your tan on, sit by the beach, read a book and just relax. Fiji is the place to be if you’re wanting a peaceful and relaxing trip away where you can just get away from everything.
  • Sydney: Beautiful beaches and awesome markets makes for a great holiday destination. 
  • Hawaii: Aloha! Put on your most flower-covered dress on and enjoy any one of the sweet resorts that are there. 


Is it safe to travel during pregnancy by car?

This is a very common question and the answer is yes. Contrary to some beliefs, it is most certainly safe to travel by car in the event that no car crash happens and the ride is smooth and at the correct speeds.

There are also things you can do to make the road trip more comfortable, like taking a neck pillow, some delicious snacks, a footrest and some entertainment like music or books. 

Return home with plenty of time before your due date

This one is a biggie. You should plan your trip so that you return home a decent amount of time before your due date, which would ideally be at least a few weeks before.

This is because the last thing you want is to go into labour when you’re very far away from home as it’s not only more uncomfortable,  if you’re in an unknown place it might be difficult to find the fastest way to the hospital.

You also don’t want to plan on arriving back home the day before your due date as you’ll want time to settle back and deal with the jet lag before you’re set to go into labour.

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