7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe these Easter Holidays

Date Jul 14, 2020
Blog category Contents Insurance
By Michael Speight

With Easter fast approaching us, it's the perfect time to start planning - especially if you’re going away these holidays. It can be only too easy to stress about leaving your property unattended for multiple days at a time, but by preparing in advance, you can achieve peace of mind that your home is safe - leaving you to enjoy your holiday away.

Here are our top 7 tips for keeping your home safe these Easter holidays:

Invest in contents insurance

If the worse came to worst, and your home was broken into while you and your family were away, ask yourself this: Could you afford to lose your most valuable possessions? Of course not! Contents insurance provides financial protection for all of your belongings, as well as peace of mind that your assets can be replaced if stolen. At the end of the day, you can’t afford not to have contents insurance, especially if you’re on holiday.

Not sure where to go for the best contents insurance? With so many insurance companies throughout Australia, it’s hard to know which will provide the best deal. We have a great free tool to help you compare content insurance quotes here.

Remove hidden spare keys

You may think you’ve found the perfect hiding spot for your spare key, but burglars are well aware of all those sneaky hiding spaces! While it’s convenient to have a spare key outside in case anyone in the family gets locked out or forgets theirs, leaving a key out while you’re away for a long period of time is an open invitation for potential burglars. Either remove the spare keys completely or give them to a trusted friend, neighbour or family member for emergencies.

Talk to your neighbours

Regardless of how long you’re going away for, it’s always a good idea to have someone “keep an eye” on your property. Take the time to have a chat to a trusted neighbour before you head away. Simply them ask them to keep an eye on things and alert either yourself or the police if they spot anything suspicious. If you’re away for multiple days/weeks, ask if they’re able to clear your mailbox too - a build up of letters and junk mail in your mailbox can alert potential burglars that there’s no one home.

Lock your windows

While it’s nice to let fresh air through the house while you’re away (particularly in warmer months), a cracked window makes for ease of access for those potential burglars. Even if you’re on a 2nd or 3rd story building, make sure you close and lock all windows upon leaving.

Lock away your valuables

If you have expensive jewellery or other irreplaceable items, it’s a good idea to have them locked away and out of sight. The best way to secure these items is by investing in a personal fixed safe. Look for one that offers protection against flooding, fire and theft.

Get sensor lights installed

This small investment could make a world of difference! Burglars are much less likely to break into your house if there are sensor lights. The fear of getting spotted by your neighbours could be enough to completely scare them off!

Get automatic light timers

One of the most obvious tell-take signs to a burglar that you’re away on holiday is when your house consistently remains in darkness for nights on end. With automatic light timers, you can set your lights to turn on or off automatically, which which create the illusion that someone is home; even if you’re on the other side of the country!

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