5 Ways To Keep Yourself Warm This Autumn

Jul 13, 2020
By Staff writer

Autumn is here, meaning winter is just around the corner. With the cooler weather comes expensive power bills, as people look for ways to warm up with heaters and electric blankets.

This blog post will look at 5 cost effective ways of preparing for the colder months earlier on to save money on electricity bills. 

Identify Drafts in Your Home and Block Leaks

As the air begins to get cooler, you may start to feel colder snaps in your home. A draft is an air leak in your home that can subtly affect the temperature of your environment.

Drafts allow air to come in and out of your home, making it more difficult for you to control the temperature. Drafts have been shown to affect a household’s electricity bill by 10 per cent. 

Properly sealing your home can go a long way towards reducing monthly electricity bills. Common examples of draft locations include windows, attic openings, plumbing vents and doors.

A popular technique you can use to identify drafts is to close all your doors and windows and walk around with a candle near these potential openings. If you notice that the candle light is moving by itself, that is most likely because a draft or air leak exists. 

Manage Your Windows and Curtains – Let Sunlight in During the Day

Managing your windows, blinds and curtains is a good habit to get into. A good rule of thumb during autumn or winter is to open your curtains to let natural light and heat in during the day.

To keep that natural heat for longer, you want to close your windows and curtains 30 minutes before sunset. This will help you reduce the costs of getting your desired temperatures. 

Have Tile Floors? Use a Rug!

A rug works really well on homes that use tile floors or homes that don’t have basements. 10 per cent of the heat in your home can be lost to the floors. Using a thick, warm rug can help to maintain the desired temperature in your rooms.

Furthermore, a rug can keep your feet warm by helping you avoid the cold floors. There are a few rugs that you can choose from including cotton, acrylic, nylon and wool. Common places for rugs include living and dining room areas.

Rearrange Your Furniture

The way you position furniture can play a large role in keeping you warm during the cooler seasons. Moving furniture such as your couches and beds away from windows and external walls can help you feel warmer.

There are two types of walls, an internal and external wall. Internal walls are walls that sit between two rooms whereas external walls are walls that sit between a room and the outside environment.

Essentially you will feel warmer when placed closer to the inside of your house. Give it a go and see if you notice the difference!

Pets are Great for Cuddling

Do you have pets? One cost-free way of staying warm is to cuddle with your dogs and cats. You’re not the only one in your household that will be trying to get warm.

Pets are walking heaters and will also love the warmth that you provide them.

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