5 things you should know before getting travel insurance

Jul 14, 2020
Travel Insurance
By Staff writer


Are you among those people who thinks travel insurance is not important when travelling outside of the country? If yes, you need to think twice now.


When travelling abroad, you need to think of the unexpected. Remember, you might become ill or get injured during your trip and it can be costly if you try flying back home through an emergency flight. So, this is where travel insurance could help you a lot.


Here, you will read about 5 essential things you need to know before getting your travel insurance in New Zealand.


What travel insurance actually covers

It can be a bit unclear sometimes what travel insurance actually covers. It actually depends on the insurer and what packs they offer which differ in pricing. 1cover for instance, offers two different options, Comprehensive, and Medical only which covers different things.

These different packs means that you don’t have to pay for coverage that you don’t need. So if you were only concerned with the medical aspects of travelling then there would be no point in paying more for the comprehensive pack.

Ultimately, it depends on your needs and what your concerns are upon your travels. Before you apply for a travel insurance policy you should spend some time comparing travel insurance deals and providers. 

The typical travel insurance policy usually covers the following:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Travel delays
  • Lost luggage

2. Things To Get Covered

If you are planning a week lying on your favourite beach, then you do not need to have any special requirements from the insurance company.

On the other hand, if you are into different sports activities, you may need to mention them. Skiing, scuba or sky-diving and other activities which you think are extreme may require extra cover.

You need to disclose these details to the insurance provider so that they are aware of all the risks involved and so that they won’t cancel your contract if they find out you have failed to tell them these details. 


Furthermore, you need to consider your baggage, too. Before leaving the country, you need to tell your insurer the things you are taking as well as well as the cost of all the possessions.

One common thing people often forget to disclose is their jewellery that they are wearing when they go overseas.


3. Your destination will affect your premium

Your destination will affect how much you will be charged for your travel insurance.

The more safe countries are considered, the lower the premium will cost, as your insurer will perceive this as less risk.

Third world countries on the other hand will increase the premium due to a general lack of regulations and safety. 


Keep in mind that medical costs from country to country differ. So, you need to know about this detail before flying to that country.

This way, you can make things in order and have a peace of mind that in case you encounter unexpected things or emergency, you are completely covered.


4. Pre-existing conditions can affect your premium

It seems unfair that you might be charged more for something that you could have been born with. Unfortunately this is the harsh reality as particular ailments may affect your premium.

This is due to the required medical attention that you may need and this signals to the insurer that there is a greater chance of your health needing attention. 


From the very start, you need to tell your insurer about your condition. This way, the insurer can help you determine the appropriate policy for you.

Thus, when the time comes that you will need a medical attention due to your medical condition, you can make a claim.


If you have an annual policy, it is a good idea to inform your travel insurer about even the smallest details.

Never get tempted to leave every single detail out by not informing the insurance company as your policy may get canceled. 


5. Disclosing relevant information is crucial


You need to provide all the necessary information to ensure that you will be properly covered. This can help you validate your insurance to make a claim.

Once you get your policy, see to it that you will comprehend the full terms and conditions as well as the medical declaration.


While it’s very tempting to lie on your application in order to get a cheaper premium you should never follow through with this. If you are not going to provide every last detail, it can result in invalidation of your insurance.

Thus, before finalizing your travel insurance application, make sure to understand precisely what you are covered to help you feel confident and safe whenever you are far from your home.

Even avoiding the truth can get you into trouble because insurance policies require you to disclose information that the insurer would consider relevant. 

Why you should get travel insurance

You will never know what will happen during your trip, so should always at least consider travel insurance. It’s not just the protection from unforeseen medical expenses, but also offers other benefits that you might never have thought you would need.

For example, travel insurance can cover you in case of delays or cancellations of light and when your luggage gets lost during the transit. Losses of travel documents, legal assistance, accidents are covered as well.

To give you a clearer view of why you need to get travel insurance, below are the good reasons why.


You need it!

You need travel insurance more than you think. This type of insurance is all about planning for unexpected things when you are travelling.

These things are medical issues, delayed, missed or cancelled flights, and thefts.

In the case of an accident, especially concerning your medical condition, you will need to cover all the costs yourself, which can be a complete expensive.

Depending on the country you are visiting, it can cost a high amount of money for an injury. So, it is better for you to get covered with travel insurance so that you’ll be safe rather than sorry. 


Avoid losing travel investment

Having travel insurance with trip cancellation cover means that you can reimburse the amount when you need to cancel it for a covered reason.

These reasons include the death of the insured traveller, serious injury or illness of the insured person, or a natural disaster or other events that can make the destination inhabitable.


Provides peace of mind on your trip

The whole process of travelling is a stressful time. From the minute you leave the house to catch your flight worries will enter your mind such as whether you have forgotten to pack something, or if you will make it in time for the flight and so on.

Getting travel insurance will at least provide comfort and peace of mind for you as you will know if an unexpected situation arises such as a cancelled flight, or you’ve lost your luggage, your insurance will take care of the situation for you. 


To conclude

Every traveller should consider having travel insurance so that they can do whatever they want without worrying about an additional cost.

You never know what might happen when you step foot onto that plane, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and pay for the insurance that could make things a lot easier. 

So, before leaving your doors for travel, make sure that you have at least talked to an insurance company.

They can run you through the different deals and packages and you can decide based on the pricing and what they’re offering, whether the deal is worth it for you.

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