3 Reasons Why 4G is Still a Better Option Than 5G in NZ

Aug 13, 2020
Mobile Phone
By Staff writer

5G is making waves worldwide – and for a good reason. For starters, you can download a high definition full-length movie in just over 90 seconds. That’s about 460 Mbps, which is 10 times faster than its predecessor!

Although 5G may appear to be the best option, 4G is still a better choice when using mobile internet in New Zealand. But… why?

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose 4G over the new 5G network.

1. 4G has broader coverage across NZ

4G infrastructures are better developed in New Zealand, which means a broader area of coverage. As well as having a more established network than the newer 5G, you’re also likely to receive more stable signals. Whether you’re in the city or a rural community, you can get 4G signals without a hitch. 

While 5G may be fast, you can only take advantage of it in certain spots. Even in a bustling urban area like Auckland CBD, only a few blocks support it. It’s also not the most stable network – there’ll be moments when you’ll experience exceptional spikes in speed, but it will mainly deliver average speeds most of the time.

2. Most devices only support 4G

If you live around an area where 5G is available, good for you… but do your devices support it? As it’s a relatively new technology, most of your devices, especially the older ones, do not support 5G. Most of the time, you’ll likely only be able to connect to 4G.

Some older devices may lack the capacity to downgrade higher frequency signals, which means an increased tendency of not being able to connect to the internet. What’s more is that 5G-supported devices generally come with an expensive price tag. You may need to cash out plenty of money if you’re planning to get the most out of your connection.

Also, 5G drains the battery of your devices quicker. This is because 5G devices consume more data than the previous generations, making the battery work twice as hard. With this, you may also find your mobile data running out faster than you’re used to.

3. 4G is there to stay for the next few years

While 5G is getting more and more popular worldwide, it still won’t rival 4G – even in the next few years. The main reason for this is price. Building 5G towers is expensive, which is also the reason why its availability is limited. Even in the next few years, it won’t be as widely available across the country – not even in the suburbs!

Although 5G offers some decent benefits, for now, the better choice is still 4G. While not as fast, 4G will remain the standard of mobile internet in the country because of its stability. A stable but slightly slower internet connection that’s available everywhere is better than a fast but unstable connection that’s limited only to certain areas.

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