20 Ways to Conserve Power Throughout The Year

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Conserving power doesn’t need to be complicated. Making small changes in the way we consume electronics can go a long a way towards saving power. In this blog post, we’ll share with you simple and effective ways to save electricity and reduce your monthly bills. 


Close doors and windows to control temperature

One simple method for conserving power is to close your doors and windows. By leaving your doors closed, you can reduce the cost and energy required to heat your rooms. This works both ways; if you want to naturally reduce the temperature of your home, open the windows to let air flow through your home.

Monitor your air conditioner and heater

Your air conditioner and home heater is designed to keep your property at a desired temperature. However, there are times where you don’t need to have these appliances on, such as when you go out to work. Furthermore, as the seasons change and the climate becomes warmer or cooler, you may want to review your desired temperature settings. 

Wash Clothes Using Cold Water  

Are you still washing your clothes with warm or hot water? For most materials, washing clothes in cold water is just as effective as using hot water. Modern day detergents work just as well with cold water. By using cold water, you can greatly reduce your utility bills.  

Wash full loads in the washing machine

Another tip with your washing machine is to use full loads of clothes. Even though washing machines have become more efficient, it is still best practice to wash a full load rather than a little amount of clothes. 

Be more efficient with your fridge

Your refrigerator is one appliance that is always consuming power. Tips for reducing power consumption include adjusting temperature settings and keeping door openings to a minimum. 

Thaw in the fridge

If you need to thaw frozen items, place the meat in your fridge. As the item thaws, it can also help to maintain a cold temperature in the fridge. 

Check the seal on your fridge and freezer coils

Over time, you may find that your fridge and freezer seals become worn out. Air can leak out and force your fridge and freezer to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. 

Stop putting devices on standby – unplug unused electronics

Regardless of how new your devices are, the standby function can still consume a lot of energy overtime. Turning off your television or computer can really help to conserve power in the long term. 

Energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are an easy way to start conserving more power. Change to energy efficient light bulbs as soon as your current light bulbs die out. The long-term savings really add up over time. 

Turn off unnecessary lights

Turning off your lights when you aren’t using them is another way you can conserve power. Examples include turning off garden lights or turning off lights during the day. If you have a dimmer installed, take full advantage of it.

Use table lamps where you can

If you don’t need to have the whole room lit, using table lamps rather than ceiling lights can conserve a lot of energy over time. 

Take showers rather than baths

A shower consumes a lot less energy and water compared to a full bath. Take showers to reduce water usage for the year.   

Take shorter showers

It’s easy to get wound up into shower thoughts. By limiting your showers to 10 minutes or even 5 minutes, you can conserve a lot of energy.  

Laptops are more efficient than desktops

Thinking of upgrading to a desktop? If you don’t require a desktop, a laptop is a more energy efficient device to own. Desktops need to be plugged in when in use and can consume a lot of power.  

Upgrade wisely

When upgrading or replacing any electronics in your home, make sure you look past price. Many devices nowadays have an energy efficient rating. Investing in a more energy efficient device will conserve a lot of power in the long term. 

Save water when brushing teeth

How many of you run your tap when brushing your teeth or washing your face? A lot of people are guilty of this and there really is no need for it. It’s a waste of water and can add unnecessary costs every month.  

Use the dishwasher less

Your dishwasher is another appliance that consumes a lot of energy. Washing dishes by hand can be faster and reduce power consumption. If you do use a dishwasher, make sure that the washer is full and you use the correct cycle.  

A microwave or toaster oven consumes less energy than an oven

Where possible, use a microwave rather than an oven. An oven consumes a lot of energy to use. A toaster oven consumes less energy and is a great alternative. 

Use an electric kettle

An electric kettle boils water faster and more efficiently than a stove top kettle. With an electric kettle, you don’t have to worry about the whistle noise and the boiled water temperature is fairly consistent.  

Dry your laundry in the sun

Hanging your laundry to dry in the sun is an easy way of reducing power consumption during the year. When the weather is good, let your clothes dry naturally. 

Compare electricity prices and see if you’re getting the best deal possible

Worried about your monthly power bill? Compare power companies in your area and make sure you are getting best value for your money. 


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