10 tips for making your moving process bearable

Jul 14, 2020
Moving House
By Staff writer

A moving process can very stressful – no matter if you are moving to another area that’s local or another town. Planning your move reduces the risks and stress associated with this task while also easing the moving process.

When you decide to make a move, you are actually getting yourself out of your comfort zone. This also causes a significant disruption in your routine – you will feel disoriented – because it is not an easy process.

So, how to overcome all this hustle and bustle? Well, simply by hiring a moving company. Amazing, isn’t it, Moving companies ensure the safe arrival of your goods at your new residential or commercial place.

10 tips for making your moving process bearable! These tips will help you be prepared and organized throughout the process of moving.

Before Moving

The following are some of the tips you need to take into consideration before you start the moving process.

1. Get Hold of Necessary Equipment

Collect all the information you need – use a paper or computer – whatever is convenient and/or easier for you. This way, you can create a list of movers/companies in your area, necessary items or supplies you will need to buy, as well as other important tasks you will need to complete, for instance, getting in contact with the utility company.

Before the moving process, you will need necessary supplies such as moving boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap and packing tapes. Quick Tip: A permanent marker is useful in labeling the boxes. If you don’t want to spend money on boxes, then you can get them for free from a local grocery store. Just ask them if they have “throw out” boxes available.


A couple moving their boxes into their new home

2. Pack Personal Items in a small bag

For some people, moving is a troublesome process. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to keep track of essential things no matter how carefully you have organized them. Therefore, before making the move, get a small bag and put in the essential items such as medications, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, cell phone charger, wallet, and an extra outfit.

Often times, a person takes them out as needed, but forgets to put them in the bag once used. So, it is very important to put them right back. Consequently, you will save yourself a good amount of time when you feel the need to use them again.  

3. Hire Utility Services at your new home

No one wants to end up at a messy place, especially as soon as you’ve moved in. So, you should make sure to take care of utilities at your new home. It’s important that you hire a power company to install electricity at your new house, call the internet and cable providers to set up everything in the house, as well as checking electronic equipment, plumbing, washrooms, and kitchen utilities.

Scheduling appointments with the aforementioned services’ providers in advance is the only way to get rid of hassle and stress. Once you have moved, it will be difficult to set up these utilities – because often, the electricity technician, an internet provider, or a cable operator arrives late. This will put you and your family in trouble. So, do these things in advance.

During the actual moving process

4. Ask for Help

It’s not always necessary to hire a moving company, especially since can cost quite a bit. Asking your friends and family members might be a good idea as some may own a trailer or a van that can be used to move the big items, and then others can help with the smaller aspects of moving such as moving large boxes and putting the big appliances in the van or trailer. 

This will mean it’s free of charge for you unless you want to show your appreciation for the help by reimbursing them for gas and buying them a box of drinks. Some gas stations also loan our trailers as well for very cheap, which would still save you money over a moving company. 

Quick Tip: You should move on an off-day, for example, Sunday, so that your friends are readily available to help you move the stuff.


5. Make Arrangements for Pets

For many people, pets are the most beloved companions – they are family! So, if you have a pet, for example, a dog or cat – you should ask a friend or relative to take care of it while you move. Your relative will love to play with your most loved furry friend.

The moving process can be made a  little bit difficult when pets are involved as you need to find a way to transport the pet, and move their toys and kennel (it they have one). The moving process can also be very stressful for the pets as they’ll be moving into a completely different environment, where everything looks and smells different. Therefore, it is better to reduce their anxiety and stress as much as possible. 

6. Only carry items that you can handle easily  

As mentioned previously, it is not easy to manage the moving process, especially when you have lots of goods to move. Even if you ask your friends and family to help you move the belongings to a new place, you are likely to get tired.

Naturally, you will want to speed up the process and that’s why you’ll probably push yourself too hard to get the job done quickly, meaning you can end up getting a serious injury. In order to avoid accidents or ending up in an undesirable event, it is necessary to carry goods that you can handle easily. Don’t rush yourself! Take a deep breath, relax, and do everything with ease and comfort.

7. Organize everything in the truck

It is important to load and arrange everything in the truck in an organized way so that you have no problem in unloading the truck. This will not only help you unload the truck quickly but also unload items in a safe way – thus avoiding damages to fragile items.

So, load the appliances and heaviest items into the truck first. Then, create some space in the truck for the furniture, move the longer items, and pack your boxes into the truck. Lastly, you need to put in the fragile items, make sure you place them above other items that have even surfaces.

After the move

8. Unpack the boxes

Once you reach the new place, you will unload all the items from the truck. Your friends who have been accompanying during this process will help you unload the truck.

So, when you have all the items on your house floor, it’s time to unpack the stuff (boxes). Don’t be lazy! Hustle up! Unpacking them now is an advantage for you because your friends have got your back and will help you in the process. Remember, if you show laziness, then some of the packed boxes will be there in one corner of the house for months, leading to your procrastination.

9. Take a shower

Are you feeling tired and unclean? If yes, take a shower – you will be refreshed. A moving process involves multiple days of work since there’s a lot of steps involved such as setting up utilities before the move, making a list of things that you want to move, organizing them in one place, packing them one by one in large boxes, transportation of items, etc. All these tasks can exhaust you. So, before you unpack the boxes, it is important that you take a refreshing bath.

Showers cool down your blood veins and causes the blood to circulate to your organs – thus giving you a revitalizing sensation. It can likewise beneficial for your skin. The purpose is to rejuvenate yourself so that you can do the unpacking easily.

10. Order Food and Drink

Obviously, you can’t cook food as soon as you move into a new house since the kitchen probably won’t be set up yet. Most people pack burgers or snacks or any other food to take with themselves on the day of moving.

There are many other options available. Surely, after unpacking, you will feel hungry! Everybody does! So, use your favorite food delivery app to order food for yourself and your family or friends.

Will a moving company makes your move easier?

While you can use the aforementioned tips to save you loads of time and make the moving process easy, it is still best to hire a moving company – because their services are second to none. The company has highly trained professionals who take upon themselves the responsibility to carry out the process adequately, giving you peace of mind and tranquility.

So, if you don’t have friends to help you or you can simply afford it, then you must hire a professional moving company. Likewise, if you work long hours and/or moving in a hurry, you must consider hiring certified packers.

Moreover, if you want to know about the best moving companies in terms of reliability, comfort, and pricing, then we recommend you to use the Glimp Online Comparison Tool, which allows people to compare all the best “moving companies” options in New Zealand. Using this tool, you will get to see the amazing benefits each moving company has to offer.

Moving requires a lot of careful planning and organization. You have to have a checklist to carry out the process smoothly. Need a checklist? Get here

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