10 Common Driving Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Date Jul 13, 2020
Blog category Car Insurance
By Michael Speight


Car accidents can happen to the most careful drivers, which is why cheap car insurance is important to protect yourself.

Sometimes car accidents occur because you are making mistakes you aren’t even aware of.

We’ll look at 10 of the most common driving mistakes people make every day. 

Driving Mistake #1: Driving slowly

Driving too slowly is one of the most common mistakes people make and many drivers aren’t even aware that it can be just as dangerous as speeding.

You should be driving at a speed that is within the limit but also doesn’t affect the normal flow of traffic.   

Driving Mistake #2: Incorrectly adjusting rear and sideview mirrors

Many drivers have not adjusted their rear and sideview mirrors correctly.

The general method for aligning your side mirrors is to make sure you can view as much of the road as possible.

You should avoid having any of your vehicle visible in your mirror and have a clear view of the rear window. 

Driving Mistake #3: Not using your headlights to the conditions

Headlights aren’t just for night driving, they should be used based off the driving conditions.

You should use your headlights where your vision is affected.

Examples include turning on your headlights in foggy conditions, wet weather, or early in the morning when the sun hasn’t risen yet.

Driving Mistake #4: Switching lanes while turning 

One common driving mistake many people make is to change lane while turning.

This happens often when you have double turn lanes at traffic lights and roundabouts. This is an easy way of getting into a car accident. 

Driving Mistake #5: Speeding at yellow lights

We might have all done it - but we shouldn’t.

Yellow lights are an indication you should prepare to stop but most people see it as a sign to accelerate. Speeding at yellow lights can affect the flow of traffic and cause accidents. 

Driving Mistake #6: Not slowing down after passing a school bus

When you pass a school bus that has pulled over to pick up or drop off students, by New Zealand law you have to reduce your speed to 20km/h when passing.

This is done in the best interests of children who may cross the road after getting off. Be wary of driving around school busses and zones! 

Driving Mistake #7: Steering when not moving

Also known as ‘dry steering,’ steering while stationary can put a lot of stress on your vehicle.

There will be instances where you may have to steer when not moving, but it’s best to avoid any stationary steering.

Driving Mistake #8: Driving with Jandals

You’re probably thinking: what? The classic jandal is the go-to piece of footwear in New Zealand. The sad part is, wearing inappropriate footwear can cause accidents while driving.

While there is no law prohibiting jandals while driving, it can be dangerous to wear jandals due to the loose-fitting design.  

Driving Mistake #9: Tailgating

Tailgating! Many people tailgate for a number of different reasons. The benefits are little and the risk of getting into an accident are high.

Regardless of the driving situation, make sure you have a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you.

Driving Mistake #10: Not indicating!

Indicating is one of the first things new drivers are taught but, surprisingly, there are many who don’t use their indicators.

The general rule of thumb is: If you intend to turn or change lane, you should indicate to give other drivers a heads up. 

How many of these driving mistakes are you guilty of? Even the most careful of drivers make mistakes whilst driving.

Accidents can be caused by yourself and also by other drivers on the road.

It’s better to be safe than sorry - protect yourself with car insurance! Compare car insurance quotes with glimp and find a package which works for you.

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