10 Best Tech Blogs In New Zealand

Dec 10, 2021
By Staff writer

Have you been following the best tech blogs in New Zealand? If you haven't yet, we listed down these websites that cover a wide range of IT updates — from devices like mobile phones, laptops, and gaming consoles, to accessories such as smartwatches, wireless earbuds, fintech, agri-tech, and AI.

There are just so many of these blogs that offer valuable insights into the latest gadgets and trends. We narrowed them down to these top 10 tech blogs in NZ.

1. FutureFive New Zealand

FutureFive is a tech website in New Zealand that covers anything from surveillance, gaming, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, malware, and smartphones. You can trust to always get the latest tech updates from them. This is no big surprise as they’re a part of the Techday network, which aims to bring tech news to consumers.

  • Website: FutureFive NZ
  • Suggested reads:
    • Hands-on review: JBL Live 660NC Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headset
    • New Microsoft Defender vulnerability should concern every enterprise - expert
    • Only 4 in 10 shoppers completely trust retailers to fulfill orders as promised

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2. RNZ

RNZ (Radio New Zealand) is a prime multimedia organisation in New Zealand. Their media and technology sector write about almost anythingfrom niche topics like Metaverse and NFTs, to local laws and regulations about tech such as taxes and cybersecurity.

  • Website: RNZ
  • Suggested reads:
    • UK tax authority seizes NFT for first time in $NZ2.86m fraud case
    • Facebook gives users 'more control' over news feed
    • Facebook to shut down facial recognition system

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3. PC World from IDG

PC World from IDG not only cover computers, but they also write anything from headphones, monitors, software, TVs, and broadband. Aside from blogs, features, and sponsored articles, they also write the latest in tech news and internet deals.

  • Website: PC World from IDG
  • Suggested reads:
    • Private Internet Access VPN review: Low price, high level of service
    • This USB-C power bank charges insanely fast
    • Brave embeds a cryptocurrency wallet right in the browser

Glimp_Broadband_2 (1).png

4. Stuff

Being a top news outlet in New Zealand, Stuff offers the latest tech news, ranging from the latest iPhones, electric cars, and even how social media is used during the pandemic. The best part is, they also write reviews, analyses and opinions to help you purchase the best tech for you.

  • Website: Stuff
  • Suggested reads:
    • Honda and Sony joining forces on new electric vehicle
    • Why Apple is losing its ‘cool’ factor
    • Pukekohe growers turn to artificial intelligence to improve water use

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5. Geekzone

Operating from Wellington, Geekzone is a popular tech community in New Zealand. When it comes to technology topics, they have it all — active forums, news articles, reviews, and forums. They also offer price comparisons for cameras, e-book readers, TVs, smartphones, computers, and more.

  • Website: Geekzone
  • Suggested reads:
    • Jabra Elite 3 Review
    • Twitter Blue Now Available in New Zealand and the US
    • Lastpass Releases Psychology of Passwords Report

6. BuyMobile

BuyMobile lists the latest mobile phone deals and accessories at amazing discounted prices. Aside from offering Kiwis the best mobile plans, they're also releasing handy guides and reviews to help consumers make smarter purchases. If you're looking for mobile-focused blogs, give them a read. 

  • Website: BuyMobile
  • Suggested reads:
    • iPad Mini Vs iPad Air - Which one is right for you?
    • What to keep in mind while selecting a portable bluetooth speaker?
    • Top Camera Centric Smartphone you should look for in 2021

7. NZ Herald

NZ Herald writes comprehensive news, reviews, and articles. They also report a wide range of topics including tech company mergers, product launches from big tech companies, new tech for industries, and tech startup success stories.

  • Website: NZ Herald
  • Suggested reads:
    • Kiwis lose record amounts to cybercriminals, scammers
    • iPhone 13: Hidden iPhone tricks most people don't know
    • Why Kiwi tech entrepreneur Ian McCrae has defaced his Tesla

8. Newshub

From the name itself, Newshub is a one-stop website for all kinds of news on different industries, including IT! They have sub-categories like wearables, headphones, gadgets, gaming, esports, laptops, mobile, phone, robotics, among similar topics to help you find the best value for money.

  • Website: Newshub
  • Suggested reads:
    • Esport's new pilot event at this year's Commonwealth Games in Birmingham
    • Google pulls malware app Color Message from Play Store after half a million downloads
    • Review: Technics EAH-A800 headphones offer great comfort and dynamic sound

9. Tech Crazy

Tech Crazy is an e-commerce platform, but it also has one of the best tech blogs in NZ. They have anything from reviews of the latest gadgets, to listing the best items for every category. The best part is, you get updated on their latest markdowns and discounts during a big sale like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Website: Tech Crazy
  • Suggested reads:
    • Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in New Zealand 2021
    • Surprise Your Loved Ones with the Top 9 Refurbished Tech Gifts
    • Unagi Scooter: Your Gateway to Urban Luxury and Freedom of Speed

10. TechBlog

TechBlog is written by IT professionals in New Zealand. They offer you specialised content about tech and the IT industry — blogs written by tech people, for tech people. The best part is, they have a unique outlook, especially on niche tech topics. Their unique perspective shows how these tech products can work with your lifestyle.

  • Website: TechBlog
  • Suggested reads:
    • A cybersecurity researcher explains - how to trust your instincts to foil phishing attacks
    • Griffin on Tech: Powerpoint in the Metaverse?
    • The Nvidia - Arm chipmaker mega-merger is officially dead


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