10 Basic Power-Saving Rules for Your Home

Date Jul 13, 2020
Blog category Power
By Michael Speight


Want to reduce the monthly power bill at your home? One thing you can do is to compare electricity prices and find a cheaper power company.

Another method is changing your daily habits, which can go a long way in reducing electricity prices. Implement these 10 basic power-saving tips in your home and watch your electricity prices drop!   

Rule 1. Turn off lights when not using them

One bad habit you want to get rid of from your home is to avoid leaving lights on in rooms when people aren’t in them.

Leaving your lights on can add unnecessary costs to your electricity bill.

Rule 2. Use natural lighting where possible

Take advantage of natural lighting where possible, open your blinds when there is bright light.

A room can be well-lit during the day with just natural light. This can save you a lot of money going forward. 

Rule 3. 10-minute timer on showers!

It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts while showering. Some of the best ideas come to us when in the bathroom but this can lead to long showers which eat into your utility bills.

Set a 10-minute timer on showers in your household and save on water and heating bills. 

Rule 4. Don’t leave devices on standby 

Avoid leaving devices on standby and turn them off instead.

While standby power consumption can be low, it will add up over time and you’ll notice it in your electricity bills. 

Rule 5. Unplug devices when not using them

Phantom loads are one of the main contributors to higher electricity bills. A phantom load is where a device consumes electricity even when turned off.

Electronic appliances such as TVs, cable set boxes, and microwaves are some devices to be aware of when trying to eliminate these issues.  

Rule 6. Don’t touch the thermostat

Constantly changing the thermostat temperature can have a direct impact on your electricity bills.

Your heating system needs to maintain the set temperature and changing temperature settings can throw the system off. 

Rule 7. Run full loads when washing clothes

Running full loads when washing clothes can help you save on both water and power.

Furthermore, if you want even greater efficiency, set the water temperature to cold!

Rule 8. Don’t leave the fridge open

A simple - but effective - rule for saving power is to close your fridge when cooking or making food instead of leaving it open for ease-of-access.

Leaving your fridge open lets out the cold air and causes the temperature to increase. This means your fridge will have to work harder to cool itself. 

Rule 9. Don’t be lazy! Handwash dishes

When you only need to clean a few dirty dishes, wash them by hand instead.

Washing your dishes using this method can reduce water consumption and eliminate the need to use a dishwasher. 

Rule 10. Compare electricity prices regularly

The most helpful habit you can have is to compare power prices NZ wide, review what you are currently paying, and compare power companies to see which one offers the best rates.  


If you need help with choosing the best power company for your household, visit the glimp website today!

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